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Do internally generated messages such as alerts and notifications get scanned by filters, anti-spam, or anti-virus?

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Updated: Jul 29, 2014

Contributed by Tomki Camp and Stephan Bayer, Cisco TAC Engineers.



Do internally generated messages get scanned by filters, anti-spam, or anti-virus?


Any internally generated messages do not go through the filter engine, or any other part of the "Per Policy" Scanning section of the email pipeline such as anti-spam or anti-virus.

Types of internally generated messages:

  • Alert messages are generated by the ESA to notify the designated recipient of changing status conditions on the ESA.
  • Notify messages are generated by the notify filter action. (These messages contain the full headers of an observed message but do not include the content of the message)
  • Bcc messages are generated by the bcc filter action. These messages are complete copies of the original message, which may include viruses or spam.
  • Bounce messages are generated by either filter actions, or failures during normal message delivery attempts.
  • An alternative to bcc is bcc-scan, which will send the message through the work queue like a normal message, scanning for both viruses and spam.  However, they will not be sent through message filters again. This prevents potential delivery of viruses to the bcc'd address.

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For more information about message filter actions, see the AsyncOS for Email Advanced Configuration Guide :

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Updated: Jul 29, 2014
Document ID: 118105