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How do I decode the X-IronPort-AV header on the ESA?

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Updated: Jul 09, 2014

Contributed by Scott Roeder and Enrico Werner, Cisco TAC Engineers.



How do I decode the X-IronPort-AV header?

As part of anti-virus scanning the ESA will add an X-IronPort-AV header which encodes details of the AV scanning result. This header can be disabled if desired as part of the anti-virus configuration. Here are some example headers.

X-Ironport-AV: i=""3.84,87,1091404800"";
d=""scan'217,208""; a=""76:sNHT50174724""
X-Ironport-AV: i=""3.83,108,1088978400"";
d=""scan'208""; a=""0:sNHT0""
X-Ironport-AV: i=""3.83,93,1089000000"";
d=""scan'217,208""; a=""1233:sNHT25086908""
X-Ironport-AV: i="3.81R,139,1083556800"; e="0x80040202'u";

Although a few of the codes contained are specific to the Sophos engine and are not documented here, you can derive a lot of information from understanding the structure of this header. Here is the key to decode the X-IronPort-AV header:




iVersion information
  • product version
  • number of ides
  • IDE serial

Error code (hex) plus one of:

  • "i" ignored
  • "u" unscannable
  • "e" encrypted
  • "t" timeout
  • "f" fatal
  • "j" savi-bug (ignored)
  • "s" savi-bug (unscannable)
  • "z" unknown
vVirus list
  • virus name
  • part number
  • infos: "r" repair "d" drop "u" unscannable "e" encrypted "v" viral
dFile details
  • extension
  • type code list
aMessage actions
  • mid ':' (action section)
  • "a" archived ?
  • "s" sent | "d" dropped | "f" forwarded
  • "x" certain errors (timed-out, rpc conn fails, etc)
  • 'N' (notification section)
  • "s" sender
  • "r" recipient
  • "o" other
  • 'H' (headers section)
  • "s" subject modified
  • "h" custom header modified
  • "T" (time section)
  • NNNN elapsed time
Updated: Jul 09, 2014
Document ID: 117887