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Updated: May 03, 2004



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10/100 Autosensing Problem with a MicroRouter 900i/1000R
You are connecting a MicroRouter 900i (or 1000R) to a 10/100 autosensing hub. The MicroRouter and the hub cannot see/talk to each other.

Adding Memory to Your IntraPort 2 VPN Access Server
Some earlier builds of the IntraPort 2 VPN Access Servers may have only 4 MB SDRAM, which will not support software versions 5.x or later. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade the memory on your server in order to use the latest software versions.

Adding Memory to Your MicroRouter 12/22xx
Beginning with software version 4.5, all 12xx and 22xx series routers (1200i, 1220i, 1250i, 1270i, 2200R, 2220R, 2250R and the 2270R) may be upgraded with a 72-pin dual-banked (double-sided) FastPage mode SIMM up to 4MB.

Adding Memory to Your RISC Router 2800i/3400R
With the advent of system software v4.0.0, additional memory can be added using a 72-pin FastPage mode SIMM of 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32MB.

Adding Memory to Your RISC Router 4000S
Upgrading your 4000S system software to v4.0.0 will allow you add more memory to your RISC Router.

Adtran ISU Express Setup
Recommended settings for use in conjunction with Compatible Systems internetworking devices.

Cable Diagrams
Diagrams and pin assignments for the custom data communications cables that are used with Compatible Systems internetworking devices.

CompatiView Error Codes
A few of the common error codes you may encounter in CompatiView error messages.

Debugging a Compatible Systems Router Log
The router log contains a wealth of information when run in Debug mode. This page describes the codes that you may see.

Device Test Switch Settings
Setting definitions of the rotary test switch found on Compatible Systems internetworking devices.

IP Fragmentation and MTU Path Discovery with VPN
The IP protocol family was designed to use a wide variety of transmission links. The maximum IP packet length is 65000+ bytes. Most transmission links enforce a smaller maximum packet length limit, called maximum transmission unit, or MTU, which varies with the type of the transmission link. The design of IP accommodates link packet length limits by allowing intermediate routers to fragment IP packets as necessary for their outgoing links.  The final destination of an IP packet is responsible for reassembling its fragments as necessary.

Knowledge Base

Motorola Bitsurfer Pro Setup
Recommended settings for use in conjuction with a Compatible Systems Internet Access Router.

Ports and Protocols Necessary to Pass Through a Firewall with your LAN-to-LAN and Client VPN Tunnels
Forwarding VPN traffic through a Firewall depends on what Compatible Systems IntraPort Client software you are using, what type of transforms are specified, and/or the type of LAN-to-LAN tunnel being used. Both IP protocols and TCP/UDP ports must be opened in the Firewall.

Product Specification Sheets
Routed Network Protocols, Wide Area Transport Support, Operational Modes, Routing Table Protocol Support, Standard Management Features, Advanced Routing Features, Link and Data Security Features, Ports, Processor, Memory, Enclosure, Environmental, etc.

RIP Problems with Class A Subnetting
MicroRouter Frame Relay or numbered WAN connection to an ISP.

Software Updates
All Compatible Systems internetworking devices use Flash ROM, allowing for unlimited and free software upgrades.

Transitioning from STEP to IKE IntraPort Client Software and Upgrading from 4.x to 5.x IntraPort VPN Access Server Code
Transitioning VPN users from STEP to IKE is not as bad as you might expect. There are very few changes which need to be made, the exact number of which depend on how your authentication is currently being performed. Users in any given group can migrate as they get the 3.x Client installed, meaning that 2.x and 3.x users can use the same group configuration concurrently.

Upgrading Your RISC Router 3000E from v1.1.3 and Earlier
In order to upgrade the 3000E's system software to v1.2 or higher, you must first reconfigure the device's programable internal memory structure.

Un-numbered Frame Relay
With the release of software, v4.4.10, support for IP un-numbered Frame Relay is included.

Updated: May 03, 2004
Document ID: 17640