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Technical Information about IOS Data Corruption Messages - %DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY

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Updated: Aug 09, 2007



Cisco IOS Software has been enhanced with the introduction of additional software checks to signal improper use of internal data structures. This enhancement was introduced in select Cisco IOS Software releases published after April 5, 2007.



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Message Details

With the new enhancement in place, Cisco IOS emits the %DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY error message whenever it detects an inconsistency in its internal data structures. This is a new error message. Here is an example:

The %DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY error message is preceded by a timestamp.

May 17 10:01:27.815 UTC: %DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY: copy error

A traceback appears after the error message.

It is important to note that this error message does not imply that packet data is corrupted. However, it does provide an early indicator of other conditions that can eventually lead to poor system performance or a Cisco IOS restart.

Recommended Action

Collect show tech-support command output and open a service request with Cisco Technical Support Center (TAC), or contact your designated support organization. Pay particular attention to any other error messages or error symptoms that accompany the %DATACORRUPTION-1-DATAINCONSISTENCY message, and report them to your support contact.

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Updated: Aug 09, 2007
Document ID: 91963