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WIC-1DSU-T1 Cable Specifications

Cisco - WIC-1DSU-T1 WAN Interface Card Cable Specifications

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Updated: Jul 07, 2005



This document provides the cable specifications for the WIC-1DSU-T1 WAN interface card.



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WIC-1DSU-T1 WAN Interface Card


The Cisco T1 DSU/CSU WAN interface card is an integrated, fully managed Data Service Unit/Channel Service Unit (DSU/CSU) for T1 or fractional T1 service. It is supported on the Cisco 1600, 1720, 2600, and 3600 Series Routers, and it provides a cost-effective router-DSU/CSU combination with the following features:

  • T1 or fractional T1 network interface

  • N X 64 kbps or N X 56 kbps non-channelized data rates (N = 1 to 24)

  • Standards-based, including ANSI T1.403 and AT&T Publication 62411


This card requires an RJ-45 to RJ-45 straight-through cable (provided by customer).

The following table provides the pinouts for T1/E1 trunk and digital voice ports (RJ-48).

Pin1 Signal
1 RX (input)
2 RX (input)
3 --
4 TX (output)
5 TX (output)
6 --
7 --
8 --

1Any pin not referenced on a connector is not connected.


The table below provides the specifications for the T1/FT1 LEDs and the loopback button.

LED Feature Color Description
LP Yellow Line or loopback state is detected or is manually set by the user.
Off Normal operation
AL Red No receive signal
Yellow Remote station has an alarm condition.
Blue The remote station is probably out of service. If the remote station is an IOS-based router, its interface may be shut down.
Off Normal operation
CD Green The internal DSU/CSU in the WAN interface card is communicating with another DSU/CSU. This LED is on during normal operation.
Loopback button -- Push this button to put the WAN interface card into loopback mode. The service provider can send a signal to test the connection from your site to the central office switch. Push this button again to turn loopback mode off.

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Updated: Jul 07, 2005
Document ID: 46795