Cisco ONS 15800 Series DWDM Platforms

Setting the Power Class on an Amplifier

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Updated: Sep 15, 2005



This procedure explains how to set the power class for an ONS1580x system on several types of amplifiers.



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Components Used

In order to follow this procedure, it is necessary to have Cisco Photonics Local Terminal (CPLT) software installed on a PC running Windows 95 Windows 98 or Windows 2000.

Depending on how you plan to establish the connection with an ONS1580x, it is necessary to have right cable. There are two possibilities:

  • Ethernet connection

  • Point to Point Protocol (PPP) connection

For more information, refer to the CPLT software administration manual.

Note: It is also necessary to be familiar with CPLT in order to establish a connection with network elements (NE). For this action is necessary to have superuser privileges.

The information presented in this document was created from devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If you are working in a live network, ensure that you understand the potential impact of any command before using it.


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Background Theory

Three different power levels are available:

  • low

  • medium

  • high

Each level corresponds to a range of channels. Every time an amplifier is replaced, power class configuration is required before line activation.


Step-by-Step Instructions

In this section, you are presented with the information to configure the features described in this document.

  1. Connect to the ONS 1580x system as described as describes in CPLT manual. The CPLT main window appears.

  2. Select an amplifier module by double clicking on the module name. The Module Property window opens.

  3. Select the Action List tab from the Module Property window.


  4. Click the Powclass button. The Power Class window opens.

  5. Select the Option button for the desired power level for the amplifier.


  6. Click Execute to change the power class to the selected level, or click Close to return to the Action List tab on the module property sheet without changing the power class.


There is currently no verification procedure available for this configuration.


There is currently no specific troubleshooting information available for this configuration.

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Updated: Sep 15, 2005
Document ID: 19341