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B1 Commands for CMP-W

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Updated: Dec 15, 2005



This document provide basic B1 commands that are used by the Control and Monitoring Processor (CMP) module. Here is a list of main commands used in order to get or set some of the basic system parameters. B1 commands can be used when is no IP connectivity with the CMP board or when you do not know the IP address.



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PC to CMP Connections

For PC to CMP connections, it is necessary to have serial cable DB-9 with pins 2 - 3, 3 - 2 and 5 - 5 connected. Connect the cable to the debug port of the CMP. You need to use a hyper terminal to do this. In the Connect To window, select the Connect using COM1 option. In the COM1 Properties window, use the following parameters: 38400, 8, none, 1, none as shown here:


Logging In to CMP

In order to login into CMP, type the following commands:

  1. Type lcion and press <Return>. CMP does not answer on this command.

  2. Enter the username and password in the following format: 001PWD1,82,ROOT,WMUX. The CMP answer should be:


    If the answer is different from above, this means that the root password has been changed or somebody is logged into the system as a superuser.

  3. It is also possible to log as a read-only user with following command: 001PWD1,82,READ,PASSR. The answer should be:


    At this point is possible to execute B1 commands.

Using B1 Commands

This section lists some of the most useful B1 commands:

Get or Set IP Address

  • To read the IP address, type 001GET1,5. The answer is:

  • To set the IP address, type 001SET1,5,ipaddress. The answer is:


Get or Set Board Configuration

  • To read the board configuration, type 001GET1,0. The answer is:

    001GEA1,0,hdlc0, hdlc1,......,hdlcN 
  • To set the board configuration, type 001SET1,0,number of boards,hdlc0,hdlc1,?. hdlcN. The answer is:


Get or Set Line Direction

  • To read the line direction, type 001GET2,hdlc,1 where High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) is the board position.

  • To set the line direction, type 001SET2,hdlc,1,Value.

Note: Value=1 EastToWest, Value=2 WestToEast

Get or Set BoardType

  • To read the BoardType, type 001GET2,hdlc,0. The answer is:

  • To set the BoardType, type 001SET2,<hdlc>,0,<new boardtype>,01,00. The answer is:


Note: In this case, 01 is the hardware version, e 00 is the product option.

Get or Set Board Name

  • To get the board name, type 001GET2,hdlc,3

  • To set the board name, type 001SET2,hdlc,3,string

Action Save

In order to save all modifications made by the set commands, use the action save command:

  • First it is necessary to obtain the HDLC address of the CMP board and IogenSaveID. To get this, type 001GET2,<hdlc>,4. The answer is:

    001GEA2,<hdlc>,4,x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7,save ; the IoGenSaveId is x1
  • Execute the command to get the board configuration and find the HDLC for the CMP board. Then type 001ACT3,<hdlc>,IoGenSavedId,801,0. The answer is:


Reset CMP

Type the command 001ACT1,80 to reset the CMP.


To exit, just type the command 001DBG.

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Updated: Dec 15, 2005
Document ID: 18926