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What Does the "#%BGP-3-INSUFCHUNKS: Insufficient chunk pools for aspath" Error Message Mean?

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Updated: Apr 12, 2005



This document explains the Cisco IOS® %BGP-3-INSUFCHUNKS error message and the possible situations in which the message can be safely ignored.



Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of how to configure Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) on Cisco routers.

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The information in this document is based on certain versions of Cisco IOS® as described later in the document.


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%BGP-3-INSUFCHUNKS Error Message

If the autonomous system (AS) path length is less than 50 ASs (100 bytes), the router uses chunk memory allocation. If the AS path length is longer than 50 ASs, the router uses regular memory allocation and returns the #%BGP-3-INSUFCHUNKS: Insufficient chunk pools for aspath error message every time it encounters this situation. The router should continue working normally despite this error message.

This problem has a Cisco bug ID of CSCdr07279 (registered customers only) . The fix for CSCdr07279 allows the router to use chunk memory allocation for an AS path of up to 125 ASs. Once the path exceeds this length, the router returns the error message only once.

The fix for CSCdr07279 was integrated into these Cisco IOS Software releases:

  • 12.0(9.6)ST

  • 12.0(10.1)S

  • 12.0(10.3)SC

  • 12.1(1.3)

  • 12.1(1.3)T

  • 12.1(1.3)E

  • 12.1(1.3)EC

  • 12.1(3)DB

  • 12.1(3)DC

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Updated: Apr 12, 2005
Document ID: 13757