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BTM Rmt E3 FERF / Rmt OOF (YEL) Alarm

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Updated: Apr 17, 2009



This document discusses the Broadband Trunk Module (BTM) Remote E3 Far End Receiver Failure (T3 Remote Out Of Frame) error.



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Components Used

This information in this document applies to the Cisco IGX™ BTM with E3 and T3 backcards.


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Error Definition

The Remote E3 Far End Receiver Failure (Rmt E3 FERF) alarm indicates that the E3 backcard receiver has detected a remote alarm signal. This alarm is functionally equivalent to the T3 Remote Out Of Frame (Rmt OOF) yellow alarm. If the local end is in Rmt E3 FERF or Rmt OOF (YEL), the remote end will most likely have one of these trunk alarms:

  • Out of Frame (Out of Frms)

  • Loss of Signal (Loss of Sig)

  • Alarm Indication Signal (AIS)

Error Example

The most likely location of equipment errors is highlighted in yellow in this diagram:



  • NT—Network Termination

  • MUX—The Multiplexer in the Telco line path.

  • Rx—Receive

  • Tx—Transmit


Troubleshoot the other end of the trunk, which most likely has one of these trunk alarms:

  • Out of Frms (RED)

  • Loss of Sig (RED)

  • AIS (BLU)

If the problem persists after you perform the troubleshooting steps, contact Cisco Systems Technical Support:

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Updated: Apr 17, 2009
Document ID: 10860