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Firewall Services Module Memory Usage FAQ

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Updated: Mar 06, 2013

Contributed by Jay Johnston, Tahani Khajil, and Michael Robertson, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document contains a frequently asked question (FAQ) about the reported memory usage in the Firewall Services Module (FWSM) administration context.

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Q. Why does my FWSM administration context report memory usage at impossible values (386%)?

A. On a FWSM, the show memory command line output of the administration context displays seemingly impossible values for the amount of memory used. No performance or system impact is observed.

An example is shown here:

FWSM/context/pri/act# show memory

Used memory:      4139521028 bytes (386%)
-------------     ----------------
Total memory:      1073741824  bytes (100%)

However, the utilization of the FWSM's memory in the system space is correctly reported.

This is a known cosmetic bug, and does not affect the operation of the FWSM. The Cisco bug ID is CSCsx47276 ( registered customers only) , FWSM show memory displays incorrect data in multi context mode.

There are no plans to fix this issue. The FWSM memory usage should be monitored via the system space, where the overall memory usage reported is correct.

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Updated: Mar 06, 2013
Document ID: 115991