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Field Notice: CIP CSNA and DLSw+ Inoperative After Router Reload in Cisco IOS 11.2(11) and 11.2(11)P - CSCdj70659

January 8, 1998


Channel Interface Processor (CIP) CSNA does not work with DLSw+ after router reload in Cisco IOS 11.2(11) including some Cisco IOS interims.

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Products Affected

Cisco IOS releases 11.2(10.4), 11.2(10.4)P, 11.2(10.5), 11.2(10.5)P, 11.2(11) and 11.2(11)P for the Cisco 70x0 with RSP, Cisco 75xx routers with the Channel Interface Processor CSNA feature and DLSW.

Problem Description

If CSNA is configured on a Cisco 70x0 with RSP or a Cisco 75xx router to work with DLSw+, after a CIP Internal LAN is configured and the router is reloaded, DLSw+ will not send frames to the CIP.


Once a CIP internal LAN has been configured, if the router is reloaded, the internal LAN does not get registered to DLSw+. Packets do not get forwarded to the CIP internal LANs.


Re-enter the source-bridge command on the CIP internal LANs each time the router is reloaded/rebooted.


Do not run the Cisco IOS 11.2 versions listed above if you have CIP CSNA and use DLSw+ with it. The fix is planned to be integrated into 11.2(11.1) and 11.2(11.1)P.

View bug details for CSCdj70659 (registered customers only)

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