Cisco Catalyst 3000 Series Switches

Field Notice: Switch Reset When Adding New VLANs

Revised October 14, 1997

Products Affected

  • Catalyst 5x00 Supervisor Software Version 2.4(2)

Problem Symptoms

Under certain conditions if a user executes the command:

set vlan <vlan_num> <mod/port>

from a Telnet Session, and if the vlan_num does not exist, the user may cause the switch to reset with the following exception:

Console> show log


  Exceptions: 3
  Last Exception occurred on [data / time]...
  Software version = 2.4(2)
  Error Msg:
  The end of stack #22 (telnet22
  PID = 22 telnet22

The problem is seen only in Catalyst 5000 Software Release 2.4(2)


Cisco has removed the maintenance release 2.4(2) from CCO.

Customers that experience this problem can exercise any of the following workarounds:

  • Issue the command via the console.

  • Perform the operation via SNMP.

  • Create the VLAN first and then make port-to-VLAN association:

Console> set vlan <vlan_num>
  Console> set vlan <vlan_num> <mod/port>




CSCdj44840 (registered customers only)

Catalyst 5000 reset after activating new VLAN

For More Information

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