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Field Notice: } FRP/FRM Background Diagnostic Test Issues

Device Code Channel Address Conflicts

February 7, 1997

Products Affected

IPX and IGX 8.1.20 through 8.1.26, 8.1.70, and 8.2.00 through 8.2.04

Problem Description

If an FRP or FRM card runs a background diagnostics test at the same time that a connection is being auto-rerouted or manually rerouted (using the rrtcon command), the background diagnostic test may select the same device code channel address used by the connection.

Symptoms of this problem are listed below:

  • PVC discontinuity

  • frame discards

  • "tstcon" failures

  • "tstdelay" failures

  • resource overflows

The FRP and FRM background diagnostics test uses a device code channel address chosen from a shared resource pool. If the test is initiated when a connection's normal status is altered by an automatic/manual reroute, the device code channel address for the associated connection may be improperly chosen for use by the background diagnostic test.

Problem Resolution

This problem has been fixed in 8.1.71 and 8.2.05.

A change in switch software will ensure the proper selection of a device code channel address for the background diagnostic test.

View: CARE3: F94366, DDTs: CSCdi90130

Disable the FRP and FRM background diagnostics test on the IPX and IGX nodes, respectively. Issue the rrtcon command on all affected connections.

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