Cisco Catalyst 2100 Series Switches

Grand Junction FastSwitch 2000 Series Field Notice

December 16, 1996

Problem Description

This document describes a firmware problem affecting the FastSwitch 2000 switches of Grand Junction Networks, now part of Cisco Systems Inc.

A software defect that affects some switches in the Grand Junction FastSwitch family causes the switch to hang or reboot repeatedly on a certain date. Internal testing and verification confirms that the switches will operate normally until December 26, at which time the same symptoms will reoccur. As this defect would reappear every year, all affected switches must have their firmware upgraded. The FastSwitch 2100 should be upgraded to Version 2.55 or later, and the FastSwitch 2800 should be upgraded to Version 3.55 or later. Although this problem is time-related, it is not a virus.

Grand Junction Products Affected by the Software Defect

Model No.

Product Name

Software Level


FastSwitch 2100

v2.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2802

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2808

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2802 FDDI (DAS)

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2802 FDDI (SAS)

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2802 FDDI (UTP SAS)

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2808 FDDI (DAS)

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2808 FDDI (SAS)

v3.50 or earlier


FastSwitch 2808 FDDI (UTP SAS)

v3.50 or earlier

The problem does not affect the FastSwitch 10, FastSwitch 10/100 AG or FastSwitch 10/100 ES, nor does it affect the Catalyst or CiscoPro versions of these products.

Problem Resolution

The firmware in the unit must be upgraded. A firmware upgrade via Flash and process instructions can be downloaded from Cisco CCO under the Software Center at the following:

The files can also be transferred via FTP from from the following directory:

You can also obtain this Field Notice from Cisco's Fax-on-Demand service:

Call 888-50-CISCO (1-888-502-4726) and request Document #170.

International customers can also get Fax-on-Demand service:

(415) 596-4408

To report a problem or get more information, contact the appropriate Cisco TAC center for support. The software can be ordered from the numbers below by asking for the FastSwitch 2100/2800 SW Upgrade - WS-SW-2000.

  • U.S. - 800 553 6387

  • Europe - 32 2 778 4242

  • Asia - 61 2 99354107

Temporary Workaround

If you are experiencing the problem, see the following document for a temporary workaround: .

You can also obtain the workaround from Fax-on-Demand, request Document #140.

Q and As

Q: When and how did we find out about the problem?

A: A customer reported it from Japan on 12/26/95.

Q: Why doesn't it affect Cisco versions?

A: The first customer shipments of the Cisco versions were shipped 12/31/95 so they have upgraded software that fixes the problem.

Q: What units are affected?

A: All FastSwitch 2000 series. Cisco doesn't release installed base figures for specific products, but only a small percentage of Cisco's installed base of customers is affected.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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