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Field Notice: FN - 63410 - Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) for UCCE 8.0(1) unable to login

Field Notice: FN - 63410 - Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) for UCCE 8.0(1) unable to login

April 22, 2011



Revision History

Revision Date Comment
Initial Public Release

Products Affected

Products Affected
Cisco Agent Desktop 8.0(1) for UCCE 8.0 - 8.0(1) 

Problem Description

In the CAD 8.0(1) release, the CAD LDAP service is susceptible to glue nodes, which corrupt the directory and can result in one or more agents being unable to log into the ACD. In addition, a CAD LDAP service with glue nodes cannot be backed up and restored, thus impairing upgrades to later CAD releases. Glue nodes are relatively rare occurrences, but the problem has been reported.

For this reason, existing CAD 8.0(1) customers should upgrade to CAD 8.0(1a), which directly addresses this problem by replacing the CAD LDAP Service. CAD 8.0(1a) also contains additional bug fixes.


The CAD LDAP service is used to store deployment-specific configuration information. In a high availability environment, this data is replicated. With the CAD 8.0(1) version of the service, corruption in the form of glue nodes may result after data is written to the active LDAP while the inactive LDAP is offline. Once the inactive CAD LDAP Service returns online and LDAP replication resumes, glue nodes may be created in both LDAP Services.

Problem Symptoms

Symptoms may include the inability of one or more agents to successfully log in. In addition, an administrator may notice that changes made to the system configuration through Cisco Desktop Administrator are not saved and specific agent settings, such as an assignment to a work flow group, may no longer be visible. Finally, the Sync Service Error Log (DirAccessSynSvr0001.dbg) will display errors when set to a DEBUG or TRACE level.


CAD 8.0(1a) for UCCE is a replacement of CAD 8.0(1). All new customer orders will receive CAD 8.0(1a). Existing customers may download the ISO from the Cisco web site for product support from this location:

Products > Voice and Unified Communications > Customer Collaboration > Cisco Unified Contact Center Products > Cisco Agent Desktop > Cisco Agent Desktop Software Releases

Alternatively, customers with a valid support contract may order the installation CD through the Product Upgrade Tool.

Existing CAD 8.0(1) customers should upgrade to CAD 8.0(1a). CAD 8.0(1a) is a base release that addresses the issue by providing a replacement CAD LDAP service. The CAD 8.0(1a) upgrade process analyzes the existing CAD LDAP service, determines its current state, and if necessary, repairs the affected LDAP service before performing the upgrade. Specific upgrade instructions appear in the CAD 8.0(1a) product release notes.

Customers who have applied an ET for CAD 8.0(1) should review this list before upgrading to ensure its inclusion. If an applied ET has not been included in this list, the customer should contact Cisco TAC and request an ET that is applicable for CAD 8.0(1a) before performing the upgrade.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered customer and you must be logged in.

DDTS Description
CSCti68557 (registered customers only) Document the requirements for SQL user for NT authentication
CSCto10203 (registered customers only) Backport feature to enable pop-up windows for integrated browser
CSCti20560 (registered customers only) LDAP is broken when CAD services are restarted
CSCte25770 (registered customers only) In OB Dialer Dir Preview toolbar, some buttons disabled on call hold
CSCth53042 (registered customers only) SMC causes slow increase in Tomcat memory usage
CSCtj85388 (registered customers only) Agent call statistics are calculated incorrectly
CSCsv69266 (registered customers only) Sync service does not disconnect from CTI OS on failover
CSCtd66814 (registered customers only) High FCVoIPMonServer CPU usage when monitoring mobile agents
CSCtj85229 (registered customers only) When supervisors re-skill, CTI OS can crash
CSCtk63241 (registered customers only) CSD cannot monitor agents
CSCto08370 (registered customers only) IPPASvr leaks memory for every page pull
CSCto08450 (registered customers only) RAW to WAV conversion using raw2wav.exe results in 1kb file
CSCto08475 (registered customers only) Supervisor crashes when agent is logged in with ext > 10 digits
CSCto08594 (registered customers only) CAD agent.exe does not close/exit normally in thin client environment
CSCto10650 (registered customers only) Base repair fails if an MR but no ES is installed
CSCto12953 (registered customers only) CAD & CSD show previous days in current day?s call log
CSCsz70779 (registered customers only) Mobile Agent Mode check box cannot be removed from CAD-BE client
CSCte45907 (registered customers only) Agent cannot complete a consult transfer/conference
CSCti47126 (registered customers only) Call and ECC variables not displayed in Agent Desktop
CSCti68589 (registered customers only) Job ?CRS-ReplicationMonitor? fails, can't create log directory
CSCti68602 (registered customers only) Replication jobs are installed as domain admin not local user
CSCtj19817 (registered customers only) CTIStorageServer.exe gets into bad state using high CPU trace on DEBUG
CSCtj44025 (registered customers only) Sync and License services crash shortly after installing CAD 8.0.1
CSCtj50295 (registered customers only) ECC variables missing after upgrade to 8.0 when using custom layout
CSCtj80239 (registered customers only) Inconsistent casing of ?retCode? can lead to replication setup failure
CSCtj80255 (registered customers only) CSD monitoring doesn?t restart on a new call within 5 seconds
CSCtj85210 (registered customers only) Phonebooks containing comma in phone number cause restore to fail
CSCtk09136 (registered customers only) CDBRTool does not connect to side B when side A is down
CSCtk10517 (registered customers only) CSD Chat window closes after sending chat message to multiple agents
CSCtl06493 (registered customers only) Failover does not occur after prolonged service failure
CSCtl06504 (registered customers only) No procedure for uninstalling CAD in an HA environment in docs
CSCtl09086 (registered customers only) Rows jump when sorted skill stats display is autorefreshed
CSCtl85307 (registered customers only) Recordings fail immediately after startup if disk space check isn?t done
CSCtl85319 (registered customers only) Recording threads may be deleted while still running causing crash
CSCtn53818 (registered customers only) Enterprise layout fields revert to default configuration after reboot
CSCtn61118 (registered customers only) IPPA service fails to start after CAD replication due to IPv6 lookup
CSCtn99413 (registered customers only) CAD displays wrong enterprise data for transferred OB Dialer call
CSCto08319 (registered customers only) Tab name shows ?no title? in CAD integrated browser
CSCto08320 (registered customers only) When PG failover done via TaskManager, CAD cannot log in
CSCto08379 (registered customers only) CAD integrated browser opens empty new tab when link clicked
CSCto08394 (registered customers only) Recording playback stops on codec change
CSCto08411 (registered customers only) Supervisor workflow fails when run against large pool of CSQs
CSCto08461 (registered customers only) XML parse error in IPPA with Canadian French localization
CSCto08516 (registered customers only) RPServer doesn't purge the recording
CSCto10234 (registered customers only) In CSD, recorded calls not available for playback after a day
CSCto10280 (registered customers only) CSD recording filter - filters by day but not by date
CSCto10408 (registered customers only) Cannot reply to chat message from user not in contact list
CSCto10460 (registered customers only) CAD recording - More than one RTP stream sent to a single port
CSCto10500 (registered customers only) After NM failover, no status for CUPS
CSCto10714 (registered customers only) Presence integration LDAP query contains no filters
CSCto11077 (registered customers only) CAD hangs on login for a few seconds
CSCto11089 (registered customers only) Incorrect version number shown in Cisco Agent Desktop Help/About
CSCto11093 (registered customers only) CSD Record Viewer crashes when Play and Save is clicked
CSCto11130 (registered customers only) Page refreshing in non-visible browser tab steals focus
CSCtc99337 (registered customers only) CAD Citrix support for W2K3 SP2
CSCtf19273 (registered customers only) Duplicate accelerator key on Browser Setup tab; key does not work
CSCtf19323 (registered customers only) Incorrect tooltip displayed for Intervention menu in CSD
CSCtf19338 (registered customers only) Alt+A accelerator key in Preferences window does not work
CSCtj18283 (registered customers only) Agent status shows as ?Unknown? in Chat window for mobile agents
CSCto08540 (registered customers only) Standard License user interface errors
CSCto08552 (registered customers only) Sorting by empty column makes entries jump around
CSCtf10181 (registered customers only) CSD overlays same agent in Team Agent Statistics Display multiple times

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