Cisco PGW 2200 Softswitch

Field Notice: FN - 62193 - PGW2200 Solaris Patch H015 Version 2.0(12) or 2.0(13) Installation On Existing PGW With the PGW Security Patch H013 Installed Will Replace the Secure Inetd.Conf File With an Unsecure Version

September 07, 2005

Products Affected

  • PGW2200 - - 2.0(12) and 2.0(13) h015 Solaris Patch set

Problem Description

PGW2200 using the Security Patch h013 that have subsequently installed version 2.0(12) or 2.0(13) of the Solaris Patch h015 will result in disablement of Network Services enabled by default because the inetd.conf Solaris file is lost after installing the Solaris Patch Set.


Solaris Patch set resets the inetd.conf file thus undoing all h013 changes.

Problem Symptoms

All h013 inetd.conf changes are lost after applying the last h015 Solaris Patch set. Disablement of Network Services will be enabled by default.


If 2.0(12) or 2.0(13) h015 has already been applied, then uninstall and reinstall h013. If you are applying version 2.0(13) from, uninstall h013, install h015, and then reinstall h013.


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CSCsb70585 (registered customers only)

PGW: SUN patch 110896-03 overwritten completely Inetd.conf

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