Cisco 4100 Series Wireless LAN Controllers

Field Notice: FN - 62170 - Cisco 4100 Series Wireless LAN Controllers Running Software Version 2.x ARP Cache Corruption Issue

August 2, 2005

Products Affected

Product Affected


Cisco 4100 Wireless Lan Controller

Cisco 4100 Wireless Lan Controller Software version 2.x

Problem Description

The Cisco 4100's ARP cache table becomes corrupted when an Apple Tiger wireless client begins an aggressive wakeup.


The Apple Tiger wireless client, version 10.4.x, will use an IP address of as the source IP address, which will cause the Cisco 4100 to use this same IP address for upstream traffic, causing all traffic to stop.

Problem Symptoms

The Cisco 4100 is unable to forward traffic.


Enable the DHCP request option on the Cisco 4100, which will force the Apple Tiger wireless client to issue a DHCP request.


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CSCsb39063 (registered customers only)

Externally found defect: Resolved (R) ARP cach table getting corrupted by Apple Tiger Client aggressive wakeup

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