CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 3.2 and earlier

Field Notice: FN - 62146 - The End User GUI on the Common Services Proxy Server Setup Page Does Not Allow Reserved Ports 1-1024

July 13, 2005

Products Affected

Common Services 3.0 with SP1

Problem Description

The end user GUI on the Common Services -> Server -> Security -> Proxy Server Setup page does not allow reserved ports 1-1024. Therefore the product does not allow for configuring a proxy server listening on port range 1-1024. The problem is captured in CSCsa88296.


In CS 3.0, a proxy server port could be any value. In CS 3.0 SP1, a check was added to ensure the port is a number, and also to ensure it is in the range of 1024-65535. This caused a problem since customers can have proxy servers running on port 80, for example. The workaround is to edit directly, but this is a serious regression.

Problem Symptoms

The issue will occur only if Common Services 3.0 SP1, which was released in April, is installed . If the port information provided by user to the Proxy Server Setup page is less than 1024, an alert stating "ProxyServer port must be a number in range 1024- 65535" will appear.


This issue is fixed in CS 3.0 SP1 and has been reposted into The user should re-download the SP1 and re-install. The SP1 can be downloaded from the CiscoWorks Server CD-One Patches software download page.


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CSCsa88296 (registered customers only)

Need to change ProxyServer Port Validation

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