Cisco AS5200 Series Universal Access Servers

Field Notice: FN - 62122 - MGCP Controlled Announcement Fails With File Not Found on AS5XXX Routers

June 23, 2005

Products Affected

  • IOS - AS5000 Voice gateways - AS5000/IOS12.3(14)T

Problem Description

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) controlled announcement fails with File not found. This problem affects customers using MGCP based PSTN gateway solution. In PGW based Call control solutions, MGCP controlled announcements fail with File not found. Call processing may be impacted.

Problem Symptoms

MGCP triggered Gateway Announcement fails to play. After the Call Agent has sent RQNT to request the Media Gateway to play the announcement, the following error can be seen in the output of debug mgcp error despite the audio file being present:

File Not found: file not found

The media gateway then notifies the call agent about the failure using NTFY (O: A/of).


This defect is seen in Cisco IOS® Software release 12.3(14)T2 when using the MGCP Announcements package to play announcements on the media gateway.

The defect is not present in the Cisco IOS Software 12.3 main line releases. Migrate to 12.3 mainline.


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CSCsb11610 (registered customers only)

MGCP controlled announcement fails with File not found

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