Cisco 3600 Series Multiservice Platforms

Field Notice: FN - 62084 PWR-3660-DC= Has End of Life, the New Part Number is PWR-3660-DC-U=

June 17, 2005

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New Part Number

Problem Description

Part number change from PWR-3660-DC= to PWR-3660-DC-U=. Customers receiving PWR-3660-DC-U= as a replacement for PWR-3660-DC= may refer to this field notice for clarification of the install instructions. There will be an interim period while official documentation is updated and this field notice is intended to fill that gap.


In June 2002, Cisco released the PWR-3660-DC-U= power supply for the 3660. The release of this power supply obsoletes the PWR-3660-DC=. The purpose of this field notice is to provide an additional point of reference concerning the part number change. Although there is a part number change, it is not necessary to replace the PWR-3660-DC= unless it has failed. The PWR-3660-DC-U= does not add any additional functionality.

Problem Symptoms

The PWR-3660-DC= has reached end of life, it is no longer produced. PWR-3660-DC-U= is the replacement part number for PWR-3660-DC=. Cisco's implementation of the PWR-3660-DC-U= utilizes a DC terminal block with three post connections in contrast to the PWR-3660-DC= which contains a single DC connector style plug.


Since there are some physical differences between the connector types used for PWR-3660-DC= and PWR-3660-DC-U=, some initial familiarization may be necessary. Appendix A is a link to the installation instructions for PWR-3660-DC-U= containing a description of the terminal block connections and steps for the wiring procedure.

Appendix A Installation Instructions

Installing Universal DC Power Supplies in Cisco 3660 Routers

How To Identify Hardware Levels

PWR-3660-DC-U= contains a terminal block connections for -48 and +48 Volt DC input power. Figure 1 contains an image of the PWR-3660-DC-U= indicating the DC terminal block and connection posts. Figure 2 contains an image of the PWR-3660-DC= displaying the single DC connector style plug.

Refer to the Appendix A (above) for proper installation and wiring procedure for the Universal DC Power supply (PWR-3660-DC-U=).

Figure1 PWR-3660-DC-U= Power Supply with Terminal Block


Figure 2 PWR-3660-DC= Power Supply with Single DC Connector Style Plug


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