Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch

Field Notice: BTS 10200 Release 4.4.1V00 SIP Endpoint Referencing Null Indicator in the Term Index Table

May 18, 2005

Products Affected

Products Affected


BTS Other - 4.x

R 4.4.1V00

Problem Description

A recently discovered call agent BCM core process triggering event was centered around a SIP subscriber endpoint involved in a call waiting scenario when the termination index table was not available. The call waiting feature was invoked on the terminating SIP endpoint. The terminating SIP endpoint then referenced a null pointer within the termination index table, causing the BCM process to core and subsequently forcing the call agent to failover. In addition, the null pointer that was generated on the once active unit has the potential of being replicated to the side that is being forced active and potentially causing it to core, with the end result potentially being a duplex outage.


Subsequent to the discovery of the defect, an audit was conducted on the affected call agent database. It was determined that the extent of the improperly initialized tables varied and had perpetuated itself to a large number, prompting the alert and the release of a patch.

Problem Symptoms

A call agent BCM core followed by a forced failover.


This issue is being tracked by defect CSCsa80944 and there is no workaround.

Patch RLS 4.4.1v00 P02 was created to address this issue and is now available on CCO for Customers to implement at the Voice Software Downloads page.

The defect will be packaged in to the next commercially available build of RLS 4.4.1.


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CSCsa80944 (registered customers only)


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