Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

Field Notice: Call Forward Failures Occur After Upgrade from Cisco CallManager Release 3.2(3) or 3.3(3) to 4.0(x)

December 21, 2004

Products Affected

Problem Description

System upgrades from Cisco CallManager 3.2(3) or 3.3(3) to Cisco CallManager 4.0(x) fails to properly migrate the CallingSearchSpace information for CallForwardAll data. This failure affects all phones that were manually set to CFwdAll by disabling the user's ability to set CFwdALL from the phone via the phone's softkeys. This could be either to set forwarding or to clear forwarding.


Database and architectural enhancements that were introduced in Cisco CallManager 4.x changed the CssForCfa field to CSS PKID. However, the migration code that is included with release 4.0 only considers the database schema of Cisco CallManager 3.3(4) and not the other valid versions as documented in the Compatibility Matrix. Therefore, upgrades from release 3.2(3) and 3.3(3) do not properly clear the CssForCfa field. That is, the old values are copied into the database as the new values and the CssForCfa field is incorrectly set to the CSS clause instead of CSS PKID. This issue results in the inability to set or cancel CFwdALL from the phone's softkeys.

Problem Symptoms

Users who had CFwdALL enabled on their phones prior to the upgrade are unable to set or cancel CFwdALL via the phone's softkeys after the upgrade. Instead, the system plays a reorder tone after the user presses the CFwdALL key and enters the destination number.


Cisco engineering has created and tested a database script that will correct the migration issue. This script has been included in a rebuild of the Cisco CallManager 4.0(2a) SR1a (registered customers only) and is posted on SR1a must be applied to all servers in the Cisco CallManager cluster, even if SR1 has already been applied. A readme document is also available on describing installation procedures.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCeg52925 (registered customers only)

CSS for ForwardALL corruption during migration to 4.0(2a)


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