Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch

Field Notice: BTS 10200 Softswitch Release 3.5.3 CD Jumpstart

Revised October 29, 2004

October 27, 2004

Products Affected

BTS Other - 3.5.3

BTS Other - 3.5.5

BTS Other - 4.1

BTS Other - 4.2.0

BTS Other - 4.3

Problem Description

BTS Call Agent machines that were jumpstarted using the 3.5.3 CD jumpstart will be missing important tuning parameters in the /etc/system file. This problem affects only Call Agent machines. EMS machines are not affected.

The problem is specific to CD jumpstart and is not related to the version of application software installed after completion of jumpstart. In other words, BTS systems loaded with any release of the application software following a 3.5.3 CD jumpstart are vulnerable, including release 3.5.3 and 3.5.4. Some early versions of 4.x releases also used the 3.5.3 jumpstart and are vulnerable.

4.4 systems use a jumpstart image unique to 4.4 and are not affected.

Systems jumpstarted with the 3.5.3 version using an external jumpstart server are not affected. Only systems jumpstarted via CD jumpstart are vulnerable.

Systems that were jumpstarted with a release prior to 3.5.3 and were later upgraded to 3.5.3 are not affected.


Jumpstart is used to ensure that a consistent Solaris image that includes the same Solaris packages and patches is applied to all BTS machines. The 3.5.3 CD jumpstart uses two CDs. One is a bootable CD with image name Rel353_Solaris_Boot_CD.iso. The other is an install CD with image name BTS10200_Install_353_CD.iso. The boot CD installs the base operating system. The install CD installs Solaris patches and customizes certain files including /etc/system. There was an error on the install image available prior to 10/19/2004 that resulted in important updates to the /etc/system file being skipped.

Problem Symptoms

Affected systems may experience higher than normal I/O wait times and kernel CPU usage. These symptoms may lead to an unplanned failover of the system.

To determine if your system is affected, use the command grep fsflush /etc/system . Affected systems will not return any information. Unaffected systems will return one line that reads set tune_t_fsflushr=1 .


This issue has been address with a new install CD having image name BTS10200_Install_353_CD_V1.iso. Previous versions of the install CD should be destroyed.

Affected systems can be fixed using the following procedure on the Call Agent boxes.

  1. platform stop all

  2. cp -p /etc/system /etc/system.353orig

  3. edit the /etc/system file and append the following lines to the end of the file:

    set tune_t_fsflushr=1 
    set autoup=900 
    set sq_max_size=0x64 
    set hires_tick=1 
    *** default is 3000 
    set scsi_reset_delay=1000 
    *** 3.0 ADDITIONS *** 
    *** default is 100 
    set scsi_watchdog_tick=1 
    *** default is 300 
    set scsi_selection_timeout=100
  4. reboot

Note: Extreme care should be taken when making changes to the /etc/system file. Parameters must be entered exactly as shown in step 3 above. The "***" characters delimit comments in the file and should be included as shown.

This procedure should be executed on one side at a time, leaving the other side active and available for call processing.

Customers should contact their account team if they need additional clarification or assistance with the recommended workaround.

For More Information

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