Cisco uBR10000 Series Universal Broadband Routers

Field Notice: uBR10k Chassis RF Shielding Update For PRE2 Processor Use

November 09, 2004

Products Affected





Problem Description

Upgrading uBR10012 chassis -02 or earlier, using ESR-PRE2 processor board may result in EMI emissions exceeding Class B standard for some individual units. This condition is not harmful to the ESR-PRE2 board or uBR10k chassis, but may result in excessive RF emissions in some ranges. Installation of the upgrade kit, 53-2514-01, will resolve this condition.

Note:?An ESR chassis does not need to be upgraded to use the PRE2. The upgrade kit will not work in an ESR chassis and can cause clearance issues.


Cisco testing of the ESR-PRE2 processor board in older uBR10k chassis has revealed that the processor board does not meet the CISCO manufacturing EMI emission margins for Class B at certain frequencies. A field modification to RF containment materials is available in kit form to upgrade older chassis to compliance.

uBR Chassis TAN 800-09026-02 will version to 800-09026-03 to indicate that the ECO E079961 changes are incorporated.

The new CLEI code for the upgraded chassis is IPMFK10ERA.

PCN (Number TBD) documents this change for service provider customers.

Only uBR10k chassis with a version number of -02 or earlier should be upgraded.

ESR10k is not affected.

Problem Symptoms

RF emissions that have the potential to be outside of Class B spec in certain frequency ranges. Symptoms detection is difficult without the aid of sensitive RF measuring equipment and a stable test environment.

No effects are expected to be directly visible in customer networks.



There is no workaround.


Field upgrade uBR chassis, version -02 or -01, with uBR10k RF kit 53-2514-01 with RF suppression material at specific locations on the chassis as indicated in kit documentation.

Physical Replacement of Parts

Older uBR10k chassis may be upgraded with RF shielding to use standard ESR-PRE2= spares with kit 53-2514-01. See kit for exact RF shielding material installation instructions.

A depot purge is planned to upgrade spares to the new version chassis.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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