Cisco 12000 Series Routers

Field Notice: 4OC12X/ATM Line Cards Require 12.0(27)S Field Diag Image or Later to Function Properly

Revised November 08, 2004

October 26, 2004

Products Affected

  • GSR - 4OC12X/ATM-IR-SC

  • GSR - 4OC12X/ATM-IR-SC=

  • GSR - 4OC12X/ATM-MM-SC

  • GSR - 4OC12X/ATM-MM-SC=

Problem Description

When field diagnostic images earlier than Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.0(27)S are used on an Engine3 based OC12 ATM line card for the Cisco 12000 product family, diagnostics will indicate in the "error-log" that some tests fail.


Field diagnostics images 12.0(25)S & 12.0(26) test for components that are not present on 4OC12X/ATM line cards and incorrectly report these tests as failing.

Example error log with invalid failures:

Router#diag 4 verbose source flash disk0:c12k-fdiagsbflc-mz.120-25.S1d 
Running DIAG config check 
Fabric Download for Field Diags chosen: If timeout occurs, try 'mbus' option. 
Verbose mode: Test progress and errors will be displayed 
Runnning Diags will halt ALL activity on the requested slot. [confirm] 
Launching a Field Diagnostic for slot 4 
FD 4> ***************************************************** 
FD 4> GSR Field Diagnostics V6.12 
FD 4> Compiled by award on Wed Mar 12 13:56:08 PST 2003 
FD 4> view: award-conn_isp.Field_Diag_Release 
FD 4> ***************************************************** 
Executing all diagnostic tests in slot 4 
(total/indiv. timeout set to 3000/600 sec.) 
FD 4> BFR_CARD_TYPE_OC12_4P_ATM_E48 testing... 

...The following failing components show failing and are not present. ...

FD 4> SMB Device IOB FPGA failed to ack address 
FD 4> SMB Device MICKEY FPGA failed to ack address 
FD 4> SMB Device SAF0 FPGA failed to ack address 
FD 4> SMB Device SAF1 FPGA failed to ack address 
FD 4> IOB FPGA, SMB Protocol error 
FD 4> MICKEY FPGA, SMB Protocol error 
FD 4> SAF0 FPGA, SMB Protocol error 
FD 4> SAF1 FPGA, SMB Protocol error 
FDIAG_STAT_DONE_INIT_FAIL(4) test_num 70, error_code 1 
FD 4> Changed current_status to FDIAG_STAT_IDLE 
Field Diagnostic: ****TEST INITIALIZATION FAILURE**** slot 4: first test failed: 70, 
Pinnacle PLIM read temperature, error 1 
Field Diag eeprom values: run 1 fail mode 2 (TEST INITIALIZATION FAILURE) slot 4 
last test failed was 70, error code 1 
Shutting down diags in slot 4 

Problem Symptoms

After running diagnostics on a 4OC12X/ATM line card some tests show as failing in the error log.

This happens only on Engine3 OC12 ATM line cards running Field Diagnostics version earlier than Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0(27)S.


Use field diagnostics version 12.0(27)S or later with 4OC12X/ATM line cards. The 27S field diagnostics image will function properly and can be used with IOS releases earlier than version 12.0(27)S.


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CSCeg05094 (registered customers only)

Field Diags below 12.0(27)S on 4*OC12 ATM ISE LC fails

For More Information

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