Cisco ONS 15500 Series

Field Notice: 15530-FCGE-8P May Require Upgrade to Functional Image 2-30

October 14, 2004

Products Affected


Top Assembly

Printed Circuit Assembly


Hardware Revision

Part #

Part #







Requires Functional Image 2-30A

Hardware Versions 7.0 or earlier







Requires Functional Image 2-30B

Hardware Versions 8.0 or later

Problem Description

CSCed28094 - GigE Autonegotiation not working end-to-end

With Functional Image 2.27 and higher on the ONS15530 8-port FC/GE aggregation card, Gigabit Ethernet clients with autonegotiation enabled are supported. However, link defects such as a broken fiber from the FC/GE card to the client device at one end [that is, those which are not directly detected at the ONS15530 but which cause the client at one end to initiate autonegotiation], are not propagated to the client at the other end since the autonegotiation is not operating end-to-end. Any upper-layer processes which depend on bidirectional defect detection and propagation at the transport level , may fail for certain classes of link defects such as those noted in DDTS.

CSCed91636 - Client may see errors when flow-control goes inactive

When 15530-FCGE-8P card in FibreChannel flow-control-enabled configuration transitions from flow-control Active to flow-control Not-Active state due to link events such as Link Reset from the FibreChannel client, errored data may temporarily get transmitted from the 15530-FCGE-8P card causing the client FC device to record Transmission Word Errors.

CSCee22677 - Interop with Cat4K GigE not working with Forward Laser Control (FLC) enabled

When ONS15530 is connected to the Cat450x via the gigabitphy interface of the 15530-FCGE-8P card, the link may remain down or flapping up and down after link goes down on any reason , if FLC is enabled on the 15530.

CSCee93080 - Flow-control errors with Asymmetric-Credit clients

CRC-errored or Dropped / Out-of-Order / Duplicated frames may be transmitted by 15530-FCGE-8P ports with FC/FICON flow-control configured and active, if the client device connected to the remote port is operating in "Asymmetric credit mode". By Asymmetric Credit we mean that the FC device with lower buffer credit capability transmits bursts up to the full size of the peer's credit buffers, rather than the lower of the 2 credit capabilities advertised at FC login. If the peer 15530 aggregation card is 15530-FC-4P , EXCESS_FRAME_ALM alarm message will be logged by the remote peer 15530 during the errors transmitted from the FCGE-8P card.


These defects that were found in testing and at customer sites were resolved through an update to the Functional Image of the 15530-FCGE-8P linecard.

Problem Symptoms


GigE Autonegotiation not working end-to-end


Client may see errors when flow-control goes inactive


Interop with Cat4K GigE not working with Forward Laser Control (FLC) enabled


Flow-control errors with Asymmetric-Credit clients


Customers can download Functional Image Version A.2-30 (filename: fi-ons15530-8gefc.A.2-30.exo) or B.2-30 (filename: fi-ons15530-8gefc.B.2-30.exo), depending on the Hardware Version of the 15530-FCGE-8P card, from the Software Center on

To update a line card functional image from a flash memory device to a hardware controller, use the following command in privileged EXEC mode from a console session:

reprogram device:filename slot

The updated functional images can be downloaded from the Software Center on from the ONS 15530 FPGA Software page.

The download process must be performed via local console access or local console access through a terminal server. The download process impacts traffic through the line card, so make certain to schedule a maintenance window to avoid unnecessary interruptions to customer traffic. Do not interrupt the download process. Wait for the process to complete before attempting any commands on the switch.

Note:?Customers are advised that the 2.30 Functional Image is not compatible with the 2.27 or earlier Functional Image on the peer 15530-FCGE-8P for Gigabit Ethernet service only. Compatibility is maintained for all FC/FICON/ISC services. When planning your upgrade, be sure to allow for enough time to upgrade both ends of the link during your maintenance window. To reduce service impact, customers may want to coordinate resources to upgrade both ends of the link simultaneously if upgrading from Functional Image 2.27 or earlier. As well, it is important to verify that you have the appropriate Functional Image for the specific TAN/PCA versions you have as noted in the table below.

Functional Image

Top Assembly Number (TAN)

Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA)

2-30A fi-ons15530-8gefc.A.2-30.exo









2-30B fi-ons15530-8gefc.B.2-30.exo









For additional information on Updating Line Card functional images consult Managing Your Cisco 15530 System located in the product Configuration Guide and Command Reference.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCed28094 (registered customers only)

15530-FCGE-8P : GigE Autonegotiation not working end-to-end

CSCed91636 (registered customers only)

Client may see errors when flow-control goes inactive

CSCee22677 (registered customers only)

Interop with Cat4K GigE not working with FLC enabled

CSCee93080 (registered customers only)

Flow-control errors with Asymetric-Credit clients

How To Identify Hardware Levels

To determine the functional image version of the 15530-FCGE-8P=, use the following commands in privileged EXEC mode:

show hardware detail


show hardware linecard slot#

The following is an example of the output of the module in slot 7 using the show hardware linecard slot#

15530#show hardware linecard 7 
Slot Number : 7/* 
Controller Type : 0x110A 
On-Board Description : ONS 15530 8-port Fibre Channel/Gigabit Ethernet Linecard 
Orderable Product Number: 15530-FCGE-8P 
Board Part Number : 73-7840-04 
Board Revision : 08 
Serial Number : CNH064900DZ 
Manufacturing Date : 01/31/2003 
Hardware Version : 4.5 
RMA Number : 
RMA Failure Code : 
Functional Image Version: 2.24 
Function-ID : 0 

Alternately , if supported by your software, use the show upgrade-info functional-image command after downloading the latest .dat file from the website to the node. This will display by slot the filenames of all images which requiring an upgrade.

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