Cisco 12000 Series Routers

Field Notice: Cisco 12000 OC192/POS-VSR Line Card Transmitter Failure

October 18, 2004

Products Affected


Top Assembly Part #




With Agilent transmitter part number QFBR-7798.

Serial Numbers

Sequential #

Random #

From SAD0740034W to SAD0740034Z

From SAD07400350 to SAD07400359

From SAD0740035B to SAD0740035Z

From SAD074305H5 to SAD074305H9

From SAD074305HA to SAD074305HZ

From SAD074305J0 to SAD074305J1

From SAD074305J7 to SAD074305J9







Problem Description

OC192E/POS-VSR line card in a Cisco 12xxx chassis indicates loss of sync (LOS) and high Far End Block Error (FEBE) counts on multiple Packet OC-3 interfaces (POS) in show controller CLI output.

FEBEs increment when the opposite side of a link indicates that the local side is sending frames that have errors. This can cause the link to go down, with the opposite side seeing LOS errors.


Cisco has identified problems with the Agilent transmitter part QFBR-7798 used on 63 OC192E/POS-VSR line cards with top assembly number 800-19043-03.

Agilent has confirmed these transmitters are failed, and associated with an ESD event that happened during transmitter manufacture.

The suspect transmitter may fail within the first 90 days of use. This transmitter is responsible for frame integrity on the POS interfaces of the OC192E/POS-VSR line card.

Problem Symptoms

OC192E/POS-VSR line card in a Cisco 12xxx chassis indicates LOS and high FEBE count on several POS interfaces in show controller CLI output.


Cisco has directly contacted the account managers and customers with line cards that have the potential to experience this problem.

Cards with the potential to have the suspect transmitter are noted in the serial number list above. Customers should only replace line cards with transmitters that match the suspect transmitter serial numbers listed above.

When replacing effected cards on the Serial Number list above, customers should use the return materials authorization (RMA) problem flag ARFN (Advance Replace Field Notice) and request an Engineering Failure Analysis (EFA).

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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