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Field Notice: NM-NAM: "Chip reports voltage low" Error When Configuring IP Address

November 22, 2004

Products Affected


2610 - NM-NAM

2610XM - NM-NAM

2611 - NM-NAM

2611XM - NM-NAM

2612 - NM-NAM

2613 - NM-NAM

2620 - NM-NAM

2620XM - NM-NAM

2621 - NM-NAM

2621XM - NM-NAM

2650XM - NM-NAM

2651XM - NM-NAM

2691 - NM-NAM

2811 - NM-NAM

2821 - NM-NAM

2851 - NM-NAM

3660 SER-CO - NM-NAM


3725 - NM-NAM

3745 - NM-NAM


Problem Description

Some NM-NAMs shipped with a new Flash part that is not compatible with the NM-NAM application version 3.2(1a), Bootloader version 1.0.6 and Helper Image version 1.1(1). The images may fail to read, write to, or erase the Micron StrataFlash.

Your NM-NAM is not affected if your NM-NAM is already running either NAM software 3.2(1b) or later or NAM software 3.2(1a) patch 1 or a later patch.


The problem is caused by a decoding glitch in the Micron StataFlash hardware. The flash driver needs a longer time to write to the flash. Cisco has taken full corrective action.

Problem Symptoms

When you try to configure the NM-NAM, the following error appears:

root@nm-nam# ip address 
Chip reports voltage low on erase: status 0xa8 

If the NM-NAM reboots, the configuration related to the IP parameters will be lost and the NM-NAM will lose the ability to successfully upgrade any of its images.


Log into the router CLI and configure the Analysis Module Interface of the NM-NAM module

Configuring the Analysis-Module Interface on the Router

Session to the NAM CLI from the router CLI and verify the Management Interface using the show ip command.

root@nm-nam # show ip 
IP address: 
Subnet mask: 
IP Broadcast: 
IP Interface: Internal 
DNS Name: 

When the IP Interface parameter is set to Internal then configure the Management Interface in the same subnet as the Analysis-Module Interface on the router. In the above output if the IP interface parameter is set to "External", then connect the external port of the NAM to a switch or router and then configure external port as the NAM Management Interface. Refer to How to Configure and Manage the Network Analysis Module (NM-NAM) to Configure the NAM Management Interface.

The proper method to resolve this problem is to apply the 3.2 patch 1 or later to your NM-NAM application software.

The patch image name is: nam-app.3-2.patch.3.bin.

The NAM patch can be found on on the Software Center page under Cisco 2600/3660/3700 Series NAM

Note:  Applying the patch can fail if the date/time is not set correctly on the router. See the patch readme file for more details.

If you see the error message, Error : Verification failed, while applying the patch, you need to fix the system date of the NM-NAM. The NM-NAM by default gets its date/time from the router's IOS. So set the current date/time on the router CLI and reload the NM-NAM.

After the patch installation reboot the NAM. The patch would upgrade the Bootloader Image to 1.0.6bN and the Helper Image 1.1(1a). Verify the Bootloader image during NAM bootup process and the Helper Image version using the show version command on the NAM CLI.


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CSCee14080 (registered customers only)

NM-NAM cannot save config with voltage low on erase error


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