Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

Field Notice: Tape Backup Mght Cause System Restarts or Disk Corruption

May 20, 2004

Products Affected



Cisco MeetingPlace M3 server

R5.0.2q, R5.1.0x and 5.1.1b

Problem Description

Note: This Field Notice is a legacy Latitude Field Notice that has been converted to the Cisco format so the information would remain available to their customers.

There is a potential for a tape backup to cause the system to restart and/or disk partitions to become corrupted.

Incorrect exception handling in the Lynx driver code causes the problem.

This issue is especially susceptible to the following operating condition:

  • No scheduled rotation of backup tapes

  • Tape heads were not cleaned according to the recommended schedule

  • A busy system that has a large database, therefore taking the system longer to complete each disk backup cycle

  • Systems that are busy during the tape backup

  • Tapes that are not properly re-tensioned

This hot fix should be applied to all M3 servers.

Problem Symptoms

If the system restarts, all users will be disconnected from the meeting. If the disk is corrupted, the down time will be longer. The lengths of the down time will depend on the degree of corruption and whether it can be recovered using the backup partitions.



All M3 system customers should temporarily discontinue all tape backup activities in order to minimize any disruption of service.

The following steps should be followed to suspend their tape backup:

  1. Remove the tape from M3 and save it away for possible future use for disaster recovery.

  2. Make sure that disk backup is enabled by doing a sysconfig command. If it is not enabled, you will see the following warning outputted as the last line of sysconfig: WARNING: Disk backups are disabled. Run "save" to enable. If you see this warning, you should do a save to enable disk backup.

  3. Execute a one-time backup through MeetingTime during off hours to stop the recurring backup. In the System tab, select Database Backup, set the frequency to once, then click Execute. Ignore the error that no tape is in the drive.

  4. Run the Raw Profile Info and Raw Meeting Details Info reports regularly. The information from these reports can be imported back to the M3 system if a site disaster occurs.


A patched version of the Lynx OS kernel for 5.1.1e is now available.

An alternative FTP Backup method is available for any servers at version 5.0.2 or higher.

Contact your Cisco Network Consulting Engineer for additional information.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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