Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

Field Notice: FA00163 - Line-Side T-1s on NEC and Siemens PBXs

May 26, 2004

Products Affected



MeetingPlace Server


Problem Description

Note: This Field Notice is a legacy Latitude Field Notice that has been converted to the Cisco format so the information would remain available to their customers.

When interfacing with the NEC NEAX2400 or the Siemens HiCom300 (9006) using line-side T-1's (loop start) the disconnect supervision is given as (NEC) fast busy tone, or (Siemens) busy tone. These tones are not acceptable by MeetingPlace server for disconnect supervision.

Problem Symptoms

The MeetingPlace server will not hang up the port and/or the other callers in the meeting will hear the busy tone/ fast busy tone. The ports in the MeetingPlace server will remain hung, because they did not receive a "far-end disconnect" from the PBX. This could also cause the PBX to try to place another call on that port and the MeetingPlace server will not answer at that time, on that port. The caller will receive "ring no-answer". Also SNA is not supported for these PBX's for this reason.


The T-1's from the NEAX 2400 or Siemens 9006 need to be changed to trunk-side T-1's using E&M wink start. The MeetingPlace ports need to be changed from loop-start to wink-start and a restart of the MeetingPlace server is required.

Reminder: The basic requirements of the PBX/Telco are that they need to provide answer and disconnect supervision on the digital circuits as well as the analog circuits.

For More Information

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