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Field Notice: FA00185 - Upgrade to MPWeb 4.2.7 Failed Due to the Database Schema Version Could Not Be Read

May 26, 2004

Products Affected



Any Latitude gateway that installs MSDE 1.0 and creates mpweb database

MPWeb 4.1.3, 4.2.0, 4.2.5, MP Notes 4.1.3, MP Outlook

Problem Description

Note: This Field Notice is a legacy Latitude Field Notice that has been converted to the Cisco format so the information would remain available to their customers.

In some Latitude gateway deployments that use MSDE 1.0 (the desktop engine from SQL Server 7), the resultant mpweb database files are either put under c:\MSSQL7 or c:\MSSQL7\Data.

Note:?The actual location may not be as shown above if you manually selected a different folder name during MSDE installation. However, the focus here is on the different folder structure and on having the extra \Data subfolder.

This appears to be an inconsistency problem in the various builds of MSDE, which is beyond the scope of discussion.

When you install MPWeb 4.2.7, and are using local MSDE, MPWeb installer will install a later version of MSDE (MSDE 2.0). This version of MSDE expects the mpweb database file to be under :\install_folder\Data, so if it cannot find that database file, it will generate an error message in the eventlog:

Database schema version could not be read

Note:?Worse yet, if the mpweb database file is directly under :\install_folder, it could be deleted during the MSDE 2.0 upgrade.

Note:?Due to the nature of this problem, for example, the mpweb database could have been inadvertently deleted during upgrade. Starting immediately, you should check for the location of the mpweb database file before upgrading MeetingPlace Web.

Problem Symptoms

MPWeb install or upgrade will not work.



Manually move the mpweb database files, mpweb.mdf and mpweb.ldf, into the :\�c..\Data subfolder. The same location where all the default database files from SQL Server such as master, tempdb, model and msdb are located. This example assumes a folder name of \MSSQL7.

Note:?In some rare situations we have seen a folder structure of \�c\Data\Data. The main objective you want to accomplish is to make sure that mpweb database is in the same folder as the rest of SQL server system databases. For example master, tempdb and so on. If necessary, you can use the same procedure below to move the mpweb database to the correct folder.

  1. Locate the following two files on the MeetingPlace Web server: mpweb.mdf and mpweb.ldf.

  2. If the above two files are located in :\MSSQL7\Data, then you are ok and it is safe to proceed with installing the new MPWeb 4.2.7. You can skip the rest of this document.

  3. If the above two files are located in :\MSSQL7, then continue with the following steps to move the database files to the right folder.

    Note:?DO NOT install the new MPWeb 4.2.7 at this point.

  4. Stop all MeetingPlace services.

  5. Access the command prompt by going to Start | Run and typing cmd.

  6. At the C:> prompt, type osql -U sa

  7. Enter your password.

  8. Dump the mpweb database to create a backup copy by typing as follows at the osql prompts:

    > dump database mpweb to disk = 'C:mpweb.dmp'
    2> go
  9. The following is a sample output. Numbers will vary from database to database:

    Processed 144 pages for database 'mpweb', file 'MPWEBData' on file 1.
    Processed 1 pages for database 'mpweb', file 'MPWEBLog' on file 1.
    Backup or restore operation successfully processed 145 pages in 0.380 seconds
    (3.107 MB/sec).
  10. Detach the database by typing as follows at the osql prompts:

    1> sp_detach_db 'mpweb'
    2> go
  11. You will see the following output:

    Successfully detached database 'mpweb'.
    DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.
  12. Using File Explorer move the two files, mpweb.mdf and mpweb.ldf from :\MSSQL7 to :\MSSQL7\Data. Make sure to move the files. Do not leave a copy in :\MSSQL7.

  13. Re-attach the database 'mpweb' by typing as follows at the osql prompts:

    1> sp_attach_db 'mpweb','C:MSSQL7Datampweb.mdf'
    2> go
  14. You will see the following output:

    Successfully attached database 'mpweb'.
  15. Confirm that the database can be accessed and that the physical files have been re-attached by typing the following at the osql prompts:

    1> use mpweb
    2> go
    1> select fileid, name, filename from sysfiles
    2> go
  16. You will see the following output. Ensure that :\MSSQL7\Data\mpweb.mdf and :\MSSQL7\Data\mpweb_log.ldf are in the output:

    fileid name filename
    1 MPWEBData C:\MSSQL7\Data\mpweb.mdf
    2 MPWEBLog C:\MSSQL7\Data\mpweb_log.ldf
    (2 rows affected)
  17. Exit osql by typing exit at the 1> prompt.

  18. Restart MeetingPlace services and make sure the system works by checking the log and verifying that you can access the MeetingPlace Web interface.

For More Information

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