Cisco Computer Telephony Integration Option

Intelligent Contact Manager, CTIOS Memory Leak

September 24, 2003

Products Affected



Computer Telephony Integration Object Server version 4.7 and greater

CTIOS 4.7 or greater

Problem Description

AllCalls, AllAgents, and all custom monitoring applications that use Computer Telephony Integration Object Server (CTIOS) COM Layer leak memory as well as handles under load. The memory usage and the virtual memory in the task manager increase when the tools receive calls, change agent states, and display call information.

There exists a memory leak in the following components:

  • CTIServices\CTIOS\CIL\ComInterface\CTIOSClient

  • CTIServices\Shared\CtiOsComArguments

NOTE: The components mentioned above are part of the tools mentioned below. There exists a memory leak in the following processes:

  • CTIServices\CTIOS\Samples\AllAgents

  • CTIServices\CTIOS\Samples\AllCalls and any custom monitoring application

  • Any custom monitoring application


This issue was discovered during unit testing of a custom application at a customer's location.

Problem Symptoms

CTIOS ComArgument library leaks memory and will eventually fail


Below is a list of the versions and links to the URL to find the fix for The memory leak issue:


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AllAgents and AllCalls causing the memory leak

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