CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials

Sun Solaris Patch Can Cause Software Image Management (SWIM) Distribution Jobs to Fail to Start

August 25, 2003

Products Affected



Cisco Resource Manager Essentials 3.x on Solaris 2.8

All versions with patch 109007-08 or higher

Problem Description

Software Image Management (SWIM) jobs do not start. Jobs remain in Pending state and then changeover to Error state after a few hours

When CW2000 is installed, a user called casuser is added to the system. This user has no password and the account is locked so it cannot be used to login

When SUN patch 109007-08 or later is installed, cron jobs for the casuser will no longer be executed. Instead, a message appears in /var/cron/log indicating casuser is a bad user. Refer to the Promblem Symptoms section to view the message.


With SUN patch 109007-08 or later a bug has been introduced in Solaris. This is reported to SUN as bug 4858469

This Solaris bug prevents valid accounts to execute cron jobs when the account has been locked. This impacts CW2000 as it uses a locked account named casuser to schedule Resource Manager Essentials (RME) jobs.

You can verify that you have this patch installed with the following command:

#showrev -p | grep 109007

You can monitor this bug either on the SUN website: (Login required) Bug 4858469

or on

Bug ID CSCin48145 (registered customers only)

Problem Symptoms

The following symptoms can be seen when CW2000 is affected by this issue:

  • SWIM jobs do not start. Jobs remain in Pending state and then changeover Error state after a few hours

  • In the /var/cron/log bad user errors appear:

    For example: ! bad user (casuser) Wed Jul 23 09:10:00 2003


Open /etc/shadow and change the line





To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCin48145 (registered customers only)

SWIM Distribution jobs fail to start

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