Cisco ONS 15200 Series DWDM Systems

ONS 15216 OADM - RS-232 Port Lock Up After TL1 User Timeout

June 18, 2003

Products Affected

ONS 15216 OADM Software Versions 2.2.0 and 2.2.1

Problem Description

In Transaction Language One (TL1), when an automatic user timeout occurs, the RS-232 connected user is locked out of the optical add drop multiplexer (OADM) until a soft reset or power cycle is performed.


When a user accesses the ONS 15216 OADM TL1 interface through the RS-232 port, and a user timeout occurs due to inactivity, the user is locked out until a soft reset or power cycle is performed.

Problem Symptoms

TL1 access through the RS-232 port is locked out after a timeout occurs.


An OADM unit which has become locked up on the RS-232 port, continues to be accessible through the LAN port.

A soft reset can be performed to clear the problem by sending this TL1 command: INIT-SYS::EQPT:123::0; on the local area network (LAN) port.

The automatic user timeout can be disabled to prevent this problem from occuring, using the following commands:


Log out and log back in with the CANC-USER/ACT-USER commands for the changes to take affect.

This issue has been addressed in software release 2.2.2. By upgrading to this release this issue will be eliminated. The software can be downloaded from the software center.

The upgrade instructions can be found on the Operations Guide in Chapter 3.1.


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CSCea91836 (registered customers only)

RS-232 port lock up after TL1 user timeout

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