Cisco ONS 15200 Series DWDM Systems

ONS 15216 EDFA2 Upgrade Instructions

June 10, 2003

Products Affected



ONS 15216-EDFA2=

Units shipped between April 2002 and November 2002 with Rel. 2.0.0 or Rel. 2.0.1

Problem Description

If the proper software and firmware upgrade sequence is not followed, Transaction Language One (TL1) or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provisioning commands sent to the EDFA2 will fail to be executed.


Issues have been found by Cisco Lab Engineers while upgrading the EDFA2 software from release 2.0.1 directly to release 2.2.1.

Problem Symptoms

Cisco Transport Manager (CTM) will show a General Failure error. Commands on the ASH interface will show *** Command Error 5. Commands on the TL1 interface will show Deny.


The following steps must be followed during the upgrade process. EDFA2 units with software release 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 must be upgraded to software release 2.1.0 and firmware release 2.3.14 prior to upgrading to release 2.2.1, or failure symptoms will occur. The software and firmware upgrade instructions in the release notes for both release 2.1.0 and release 2.2.1 must be completed in the proper sequence.

For upgrade instructions refer to the EDFA2 release notes.

For software and firmware downloads refer to the software download page.

For More Information

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