Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1 E

Field Notice: IOS Upgrade May Cause Partial Configuration Loss on WS-X6182-2PA Linecard

December 15, 2003

Products Affected



Problem Description

Upgrading from an IOS software version prior to 12.1(11.05)E on a Cisco7600 or Catalyst 6500 may cause partial configuration loss of specific Port Adapters installed in a WS-X6182-2PA module.

This defect is documented in DDTS CSCdx89907 (registered customers only)


This problem was caused by:

  1. 1) The integration of CSCdw60382 (registered customers only) into IOS version 12.1(11.05)E.

  2. Differences between the way IOS identifies Port Adapters in IOS trains 12.1E and 12.2S.

Problem Symptoms

When attempting to upgrade the IOS image on a Cisco7600 or Catalyst 6500 system containing a WS-X6182-2PA module populated with one or more of the following Port Adapters, portions of the running configuration file pertaining to those Port Adapters may be erased. The following list of Port Adapters may be affected by this problem:

  • PA-A3-OC3-MM

  • PA-A3-8E1IMA

  • PA-4T+

  • PA-MC-8E1/120

  • PA-MC-8T1

  • PA-8T-V35

  • PA-MC-T3


  • PA-A3-E3 [HW Rev 4.0]

  • PA-IMA-8T1

  • PA-MC-8TE1+


  • PA-MC-2T1/PRI

  • PA-2T3 PA-T3+

  • PA-MC-2T3+

  • PA-MC-2E1-120

  • PA-MC-E3

  • PA-MC-4T1

  • PA-4T

  • PA-MC-8DSX1

  • PA-A3-E3 [HW Rev 2.01]

  • PA-A3-T3

  • PA-MC-2E1/PRI

  • PA-MC-2T1

  • PA-8T




  • PA-A3-OC3SML

  • PA-A3-OC3SMI

  • PA-T3+

The following IOS upgrade scenarios may cause this failure:

  1. IOS transition from any image preceding, but not including 12.1(11.05)E, to any image after and including 12.1(11.05)E.

  2. . IOS transition from any image after and including 12.1(11.05)E, to any image preceding, but not including 12.1(11.05)E.

  3. IOS transition from any image preceding, but not including 12.1(11.05)E, to any image in the 12.2S branch.

  4. . IOS transition from any image in the 12.2S branch to any image preceding, but not including 12.1(11.05)E.


After the IOS upgrade or downgrade is complete, and the router has successfully booted up the new IOS image for the first time, perform the following steps to recover your original configuration file:

1) After logging into the box, and entering enabled mode, issue the command:

copy startup-config running-config

When asked to verify the destination filename, simply press enter to verify the running-config as the destination.

2) Issue the command:

write memory

Once these two commands are executed, your configuration file will be restored, and no portion of it should be lost due to this failure unless you upgrade or downgrade your IOS image within the aforementioned software version ranges once again


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCdx89907 (registered customers only)

FlexWAN and PA-A3 ATM loses config after IOS upgrade

How To Identify Hardware Levels

This problem effects all hardware versions of the WS-X6182-2PA linecard.

For More Information

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