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Field Notice: CiscoPCA Is not Installed Using Cisco Unity 4.0(1) Release DVD

February 13, 2003

Products Affected



Cisco Unity Personal Communication Assistant 4.0(1)

Unity 4.0(1) released dual-layer DVD files for the CiscoPCA

Problem Description

CiscoPCA will not be installed if Unity 4.0(1) is installed using the released DVD medium. There is a corrupt file in the \cscoserv\ciscopca\WEB-INF directory on the DVD that prevents this component from being installed successfully.

Users installing from the downloaded image or from CDs are not affected.


The Unity 4.0(1) CiscoPCA file in the \cscoserv\ciscopca\WEB-INF directory on the DVD media is corrupt and needs to be renamed. The corrupt file is "_nbattrs"; the correct file name is ".nbattrs"

The Cisco Unity 4.0(1) CiscoPCA file on the CD2 image and shipping CD media are not corrupt and can be used.

This file is needed for installation. Without it, users will be unable to access CiscoPCA, the Unity Assistant, and the Unity Inbox.

Problem Symptoms

After installing Unity 4.0(1), users cannot access the CiscoPCA, Unity Assistant or Unity Inbox. The Tomcat service is not listed under Windows Services on the Unity machine.


There are two workarounds.

  1. Use a Unity 4.0(1) CD2 image downloaded from instead of using the installation DVD. You can find the CD2 image here (registered customers only) .

  2. If it is not desirable to download the image from as noted above, then the following procedure can be used instead. First, copy all contents of the \cscoserv folder from the installation DVD to the local hard drive. In the cscoserv\ciscopca\WEB-INF directory locate the corrupt file named "_nbattrs" and rename it to ".nbattrs". Second, run the CiscoPCA setup script from the local disk instead of the DVD. For example: If you installed Unity on drive d: and you copied the \cscoserv folder from DVD to drive e: then enter: E:\cscoserv\setup.js source="e:cscoservsetup.msi" target="d:\CommServer"


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCea16589 (registered customers only)

CiscoPCA is not installed using Unity 4.0(1) release DVD

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