Cisco 800 Series Routers

Field Notice: *Expired* - FN - 23154 - Noise and No Dial Tone on Voice Ports of Cisco 827-4V

Cisco - Field Notice: *Expired* - FN - 23154 - Noise and No Dial Tone on Voice Ports of Cisco 827-4V

Revised April 14, 2008
February 18, 2003




Products Affected

  • Cisco 827-4V

Problem Description

The voice ports on a Cisco827-4V may not work.


A static RAM (SRAM) component used in the Cisco 827-4V has been found to sometimes cause failures on the POTS ports of an 827-4V. The faulty component has been disqualified from further use and SRAM from another vendor has been qualified for use with 827-4V. Shipping records indicate that the potentially faulty components will be found in units shipped between June, 2002, and January, 2003.

Problem Symptoms

Either noise is present or no dial tone is found on the voice ports of a Cisco 827-4V.


Although it has been noticed that this issue does not exhibit itself with Cisco IOS? Software Release 12.2(2)XI1 or earlier, the root cause of the problem is not software. Utilizing a version of software that does not exhibit the problem should only be considered a temporary workaround to this issue. The solution to this issue is to replace the unit with the suspect bad component with a unit manufactured with the new component. Suspect units can be identified either by their chassis serial number or by their PCBA serial number.

Note:?The nature of this component issue is for the failure to occur initially and for the failure to be repeatable. A Cisco 827-4V with operational voice ports is not likely to exhibit this problem later.

Customers wishing to replace failed units affected by this field notice can do so by submitting a return materials authorization (RMA) coded as Administrative Request - Field Notice (ARFN).


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCdz77631 (registered customers only)

Voice-ports are non functional


How To Identify Hardware Levels

There are two ways to identify if this field notice applies to your Cisco 827-4V: by the chassis serial number or by the PCBA serial number of the unit. The chassis serial number can be viewed on a label on the rear of a unit as shown in the photo below.


The PCBA serial number is stored in EEPROM and can be displayed using the show version command or using SNMP as shown below.

Router# show version
Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
IOS (tm) C820 Software (C820-Y6-M), Version 12.2(8)YN, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Synched to technology version 12.2(11.2u)T
TAC Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2002 by cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Tue 29-Oct-02 22:38 by ealyon
Image text-base: 0x800131D8, data-base: 0x806C6D54
ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(1r)XE2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
ROM: C820 Software (C820-Y6-M), Version 12.2(8)YN, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Router uptime is 0 minutes
System returned to ROM by reload
Running default software
CISCO C826 (MPC855T) processor (revision 0x1001) with 31744K/1024K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID JAB05350801 (1109164128), with hardware revision 0000
CPU rev number 5

Using SNMP to verify the PCBA serial number: Browse the object chassis Id from OLD-CISCO-CHASSIS-MIB

Chassis Serial Numbers

Chassis Serial Numbers starting with JHY06:

35G1TX, 35G1TY, 35G1U0, 35G1U1, 35G1U2, 35G1U3, 35G1U4, 35G1U5, 35G1U6, 35G1U7, 35H215, 35H217, 35H218, 35H219, 35H21A, 35H21B, 35H21C, 35H21D, 35H21E, 35H21F, 35H21G, 35H21H, 35H21J, 35H21L, 35H21N, 35H21S, 35H21U, 35H21V, 35H21W, 35J1Z8, 35J1ZA, 35J1ZD, 35J1ZF, 35J1ZH, 35J1ZU, 35J1ZV, 35J1ZW, 35J1ZX, 35J1ZY, 35J1ZZ, 35J200, 35J201, 35J202, 35J203, 35J204, 35J205, 35J206, 35J207, 35J208, 35J209, 35J20B, 35J20C, 35L0SY, 35L0SZ, 35L0T0, 35L0T1, 35L0T2, 35L0T3, 35L0T4, 35L0T5, 35L0T6, 35L0T7, 35L0T8, 35L0T9, 35L0TA, 35L0TB, 35L0TC, 35L0TD, 35L0TE, 35L0TF, 35L0TG, 35L0TH, 35L0TJ, 35L0TK, 35L0TL, 35L0TM, 35L0TN, 35L0TP, 35L0TQ, 35L0TR, 35L0TS, 35L0TT, 35L0TU, 35L0TV, 35L0TW, 35L0TX, 35L0TY, 35L0TZ, 35L0U0, 35L0U1, 36G04G, 36G04H, 36G04J, 36G04K, 36G04L, 36G0PU, 36G0PW, 36G0PX, 36G0PZ, 36G0Q0, 36G0Q1, 36G0Q4, 36G0Q8, 36G0QA, 36G0QD, 36G16J, 36G16K, 36G16M, 36G16N, 36G16Q, 36G1SS, 36H082, 36H083, 36H085, 36H086, 36H087, 36H088, 36H089, 36H08A, 36H08B, 36H08C, 36H08D, 36H08E, 36H08F, 36H08H, 36H08J, 36H08K, 36H08M, 36H08N, 36H08P, 36H0A9, 36H0AM, 36H0AQ, 36H0AS, 36H0AU, 36H0AX, 36H0SH, 36H0SK, 36H0SL, 36H0SM, 36H0SP, 36H0SW, 36H0SY, 36H0SZ, 36H0T0, 36H0T1, 36H0T2, 36H0T3, 36H0T4, 36H0T5, 36H0T6, 36H1B5, 36J039, 36J03A, 36J03B, 36J03C, 36J03E, 36J03F, 36J03G, 36J03H, 36J03J, 36J03K, 36J04G, 36J04H, 36J0QW, 36J0QX, 36J0QY, 36J0QZ, 36J0R0, 36J0R2, 36J0R3, 36J0R4, 36J0R5, 36J0R6, 36J0R7, 36J0R8, 36J0R9, 36J0RA, 36J0RB, 36J0T5, 36J0V0, 36J0V2, 36J14Y, 36J14Z, 36J151, 36J153, 36J169, 36J1JV, 36L060, 36L061, 36L062, 36L063, 36L064, 36L065, 36L066, 36L067, 36L068, 36L069, 36L06A, 36L06B, 36L06C, 36L06D, 36L06E, 36L06F, 36L06G, 36L06H, 38G0PH, 38G0PJ, 38G0PK, 38G0PL, 38G0PM, 38G0PN, 38G0PP, 38G0PQ, 38G0PR, 38G0PS, 38G0PT, 38G0PU, 38G0PW, 38G0QG, 38G0QH, 38G0QJ, 38G0QK, 38G0QL, 38G0S7, 38G0S8, 38G0S9, 38G0SA, 38G0SB, 38G0SC, 38G0SD, 38G0SE, 38G0SF, 38G0SG, 38G0SH, 38G0SJ, 38G0SK, 38G0SL, 38G0SM, 38G0SN, 38G0SP, 38G0SQ, 38G0SR, 38G0SU, 38G0TD, 38G0TE, 38G0TF, 38G0TG, 38G0TH, 38G0TJ, 38G0TK, 38H0SK, 38H0SL, 38H0SM, 38H0SN, 38H0SP, 38H0SQ, 38H0SR, 38H0SS, 38H0ST, 38H0SU, 38H0SV, 38H0SW, 38H0SX, 38H0SY, 38H0SZ, 38H0T0, 38H0T1, 38H0T2, 38H0T3, 38H0T4, 38H0T5, 38H0T6, 38H0T7, 38H0T8, 38H0T9, 38H0TA, 38H0TB, 38H0TD, 38H0TE, 38H0TF, 38H0TG, 38H0TH, 38H0TJ, 38H0TK, 38H0TL, 38H0TM, 38H0TN, 38H0TP, 38H0TQ, 38H0TR, 38H0TS, 38H0TT, 38H0TU, 38H0TV, 38H0TW, 38H0TX, 38H0TY, 38H0TZ, 38H0U0, 38H0U1, 38H0U2, 38H0VK, 38H0VL, 38H0VM, 38H0VN, 38H0VP, 38H0VQ, 38H0VR, 38H0VS, 38H0VT, 38H0VU, 38H0VV, 38H0VW, 38H0VX, 38H0VY, 38H0VZ, 38H0W0, 38H0W1, 38H0W2, 38H0W5, 38H0W7, 38H0XE, 38H0XF, 38H0XG, 38H0XK, 38H0XM, 38H0XP, 38H0XR, 38H0XS, 38H0XT, 38H0XU, 38H0XV, 38H0XW, 38H0XX, 38H0XY, 38H0XZ, 38H0Y0, 38H0Y2, 38H0Y3, 38H12C, 38H167, 38H1MD, 38H1ME, 38H1MF, 38H1MG, 38H1MH, 38H1MP, 38H1MQ, 38H1MR, 38H1QU, 38H1QV, 38H1QW, 38H1QY, 38H1QZ, 38H1TW, 38H1TY, 38H1TZ, 38H1U2, 38H1U4, 38H1U6, 38H1U8, 38H1UA, 38H1UC, 38H1UF, 38H1UT, 38H1UW, 38H1UZ, 38H1V1, 38H1V2, 38H1WC, 38H1WE, 38H1WF, 38H1WG, 38H1WJ, 38H1WK, 38H1WL, 38H1WM, 38H1WN, 38H1WP, 38H1WR, 38H1WT, 38H1WU, 38H1WW, 38H1WY, 38H1Y8, 38H1Y9, 38H1YA, 38H1YB, 38H1YC, 38H1YD, 38H1YE, 38H1YF, 38H1YG, 38H1YH, 38H1YJ, 38H1YK, 38H1YL, 38H1YM, 38H1YN, 38H1YP, 38H1YQ, 38H1YR, 38H1YT, 38H1YU, 38H1YW, 38H1YY, 38H1Z1, 38H1Z2, 38H1Z3, 38H1Z4, 38H1Z5, 38H1Z6, 38H1Z7, 38H1Z8, 38H1Z9, 38H1ZA, 38H1ZB, 38H1ZC, 38H1ZD, 38H1ZE, 38H1ZF, 38H1ZG, 38J0QY, 38J0QZ, 38J0R0, 38J0R1, 38J0R2, 38J0R3, 38J0R4, 38J0R6, 38J0R7, 38J0R8, 38J0R9, 38J0RA, 38J0RB, 38J0RC, 38J0RP, 38J0RQ, 38J0RR, 38J0RS, 38J0RT, 38J0RU, 38J0RV, 38J0RW, 38J0RX, 38J0RY, 38J0RZ, 38J0S0, 38J0S1, 38J0S2, 38J0S3, 38J0S4, 38J0U3, 38J0U4, 38J0U5, 38J0U6, 38J0U7, 38J0U8, 38J0U9, 38J0UA, 38J0UB, 38J0UC, 38J0UD, 38J0UE, 38J0UF, 38J0UG, 38J0UH, 38J0UJ, 38J0UK, 38J0UL, 38J0UM, 38J0UN, 38J0WG, 38J0WJ, 38J0WK, 38J0WM, 38J0X2, 38J0X3, 38J0X6, 38J0X7, 38J0X9, 38J0XA, 38J0XC, 38J0XD, 38J0XF, 38J0XH, 38J17B, 38J17C, 38J17E, 38J17F, 38J17G, 38J1BX, 38J1BZ, 38J1C0, 38J1C2, 38J1C4, 38J1E9, 38J1EB, 38J1EC, 38J1ED, 38J1EE, 38J1LA, 38J1LB, 38J1M7, 38J1M8, 38J1M9, 38J1MA, 38J1MB, 38J1MV, 38J1MW, 38J1MX, 38J1MY, 38J1MZ, 38J1P6, 38J1P7, 38J1P8, 38J1P9, 38J1PA, 38J1PG, 38J1PH, 38J1QQ, 38J1QR, 38J1QS, 38J1QT, 38J1QU, 38L0DB, 38L0DC, 39H07U, 39H088, 39H089, 39H08A, 39H08B, 39H08C, 39H08D, 39H08E, 39H08F, 39H08G, 39H08H, 39H08J, 39H08L, 39H08M, 39H08N, 39H08P, 39H08Q, 39H0H9, 39H0XW, 39H0XX, 39H0XY, 39H0XZ, 39H0Y0, 39H0Y1, 39H0Y2, 39H0Y3, 39H0Y4, 39H0Y5, 39H0Y6, 39H0Y7, 39H0Y8, 39H0Y9, 39H0YA, 39H0YB, 39H0YC, 39H15B, 39J06G, 39J06Y, 39J06Z, 39J071, 39J072, 39J073, 39J075, 39J076, 39J077, 39J078, 39J079, 39J07A, 39J07B, 39J07C, 39J07D, 39J07E, 39J07F, 39J07G, 39J07H, 39J07J, 39J07K, 39J0HM, 39J0HN, 39J0YA, 39J0YC, 39J0YD, 39J0YE, 39J0YG, 39J0YK, 39J0YM, 39J0YP, 39J0YQ, 39J0YS, 39J0YX, 39J0YY, 39J0YZ, 39J0Z0, 39J0Z1, 39J0Z2, 39J0Z3, 39J0Z4, 39J0Z5, 39J0Z6, 39J0Z7, 39L015, 39L016, 39L017, 39L018, 39L019, 39L01A, 39L01B, 39L01C, 39L01E, 39L01F, 39L0FK, 39L0FQ, 39L0FS, 39L0FU, 39L0GA, 39L0GB, 39L0GC, 39L0GD, 39L0GE, 39L0GG, 39L0GJ, 39L0GK, 39L0GL, 39L0GM, 39L0KG, 40H0C3, 40H0C5, 40H0C8, 40H0CF, 40J06U, 40L00G, 40L00H, 40L00K, 40L00L, 40L0JY, 42G043, 42G045, 42G046, 42G047, 42G048, 42H0MU, 42H0MV, 42H0MW, 42H0MX, 42H0MY, 42H0MZ, 42H0N0, 42H0N1, 42H0N2, 42H0N3, 42H168, 42H17A, 42J0M7, 42J0M8, 42J0M9, 42J0MA, 42J0MB, 42J0MC, 42J0MD, 42J0ME, 42J0MF, 42J0MG, 42J0MH, 42J0MJ, 42J0MK, 42J0ML, 42J0MM, 42J0MN, 42J0MP, 42J0MQ, 42J0MU, 42J0MV, 42J15D, 42J15F, 42J15H, 42J15K, 42J15L, 42L0GJ, 42L0GK, 42L0GL, 42L0GM, 42L0GN, 42L0GP, 42L0GQ, 42L0GR, 42L0GS, 42L0GT, 42L0GU, 42L0GV, 42L0GW, 42L0GY, 42L0H0, 42L0H1, 42L0H2, 42L0H3, 43H00M, 43J1GR, 43J1YT, 45H08C, 45H08K, 45H0DW, 45H0DY, 45H0EF, 45H0ES, 45J0BQ, 45J0C0, 45J0DH, 45J0F7, 45J0FJ, 45J0JK, 45J0JM, 45J0JN, 45J0JP, 45J0JQ, 45J0JS, 45J0JT, 45J0JU, 45J0JV, 45J0JW, 45J0JX, 45J0JY, 45J0JZ, 45J0K0, 45J0K1, 45J0LT, 45L0AS, 45L0FZ, 45L0HD, 45L0HG, 45L0HJ, 45L0HK, 45L0HL, 45L0HN, 45L0HP, 45L0HQ, 45L0HR, 45L0HS, 45L0HU, 45L0JP, 45L0KG, 46G00R, 46H0K3, 46H0K6, 46H270, 46H273, 46H277, 46H279, 46H27A, 46H27B, 46H27F, 46H27H, 46H27K, 46H28A, 46H2C0, 46H2C1, 46H2C2, 46H2C3, 46H2C4, 46H2C5, 46H2C6, 46H2C8, 46H2CA, 46H2CB, 46J0XM, 46J2BS, 46J2HY, 46J2J0, 46J2J2, 46J2J3, 46J2KE, 46J2KL, 46J2KN, 46J2KQ, 47G0N2, 47G0N4, 47G0N6, 47G0N8, 47G0N9, 47H04T, 47H04U, 47H04W, 47H04X, 47H04Z, 47H051, 47H053, 47H05V, 47H05X, 47H05Y, 47H05Z, 47H060, 47H062, 47H064, 47H065, 47H069, 47H06B, 47H0A5, 47H0A7, 47H0A9, 47H0AA, 47H0AC, 47H0AE, 47H0AG, 47H0AJ, 47H0AK, 47H0AM, 47H0BC, 47H0BE, 47H0BF, 47H0BG, 47H0BH, 47H0BJ, 47H0BK, 47H0BL, 47H0BM, 47H0BN, 47H0BP, 47H0BQ, 47H0BR, 47H0BS, 47H0BT, 47H0BU, 47H0BV, 47H0BW, 47H0BX, 47H0BY, 47H0BZ, 47H0C0, 47H0C1, 47H0C2, 47H0C3, 47H0C4, 47H0C5, 47H0C6, 47H0C7, 47H0C8, 47H0CF, 47H0CG, 47H0CH, 47H0CJ, 47H0CK, 47H0CL, 47H0CN, 47H0CP, 47H0CQ, 47H0CS, 47H0E2, 47H0E3, 47H0E5, 47H0E7, 47H0E9, 47H0EA, 47H0EB, 47H0EC, 47H0ED, 47H0EE, 47H0EF, 47H0EG, 47H0EH, 47H0EJ, 47H0EK, 47H0EL, 47H0EM, 47H0EN, 47H0EP, 47H0EQ, 47H0ER, 47H0ES, 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47J0K5, 47J0KE, 47J0KG, 47J0KH, 47J0KK, 47J0KL, 47J0KM, 47J0KN, 47J0KQ, 47J0KS, 47J0KT, 47J0VG, 47J22J, 47J22L, 47L044, 47L046, 47L047, 47L048, 47L04A, 47L04B, 47L04C, 47L04D, 47L04E, 47L04T, 47L04Y, 47L051, 47L052, 47L053, 47L055, 47L056, 47L058, 47L05A, 47L05B, 47L05D, 47L05F, 47L05H, 47L05M, 47L05P, 47L05R, 47L05S, 47L05V, 47L05X, 47L05Z, 47L085, 47L087, 47L088, 47L089, 47L08A, 47L08B, 47L08D, 47L08E, 47L08F, 47L08G, 47L08H, 47L08K, 47L08M, 47L097, 47L098, 47L09A, 47L09B, 47L09C, 47L09D, 47L09E, 47L09F, 47L09G, 47L09H, 47L09J, 47L09K, 47L09L, 47L09M, 47L09N, 47L09P, 47L09Q, 47L09R, 47L09S, 47L09T, 47L09V, 47L09W, 47L09X, 47L09Y, 47L0A0, 47L0A1, 47L0A2, 47L0BA, 47L0BE, 47L0BG, 47L0BJ, 47L0BL, 47L0BM, 47L0BP, 47L0BQ, 47L0BS, 47L0BT, 47L0BU, 47L0BW, 47L0BX, 47L0BY, 47L0BZ, 47L0C0, 47L0C1, 47L0C2, 47L0C3, 47L0C4, 47L0C5, 47L0C6, 47L0C7, 47L0C8, 47L0C9, 47L0CA, 47L0CB, 47L0CC, 47L0CD, 47L0CF, 47L0CG, 47L0CH, 47L0CJ, 47L0CK, 47L0CL, 47L0DK, 47L0DL, 47L0DM, 47L0DQ, 47L0DS, 47L0EP, 47L0EQ, 47L0ES, 47L0ET, 47L0EU, 47L0JC, 47L0JK, 47L0JN, 47L0JQ, 47L0JS, 47L0JU, 47L0JV, 47L0JW, 47L0JX, 47L0JY, 47L0K1, 47L0K4, 47L0K6, 47L0KV, 47L0KY, 47L0L0, 47L0L2, 47L0L3, 47L0L4, 47L0L5, 47L0L6, 47L0L7, 47L0L8, 47L0L9, 47L0LA, 47L0LB, 47L0LC, 47L0LD, 47L0LE, 47L0LF, 47L0LH, 47L0LJ, 47L0LK, 47L0LL, 47L0LM, 47L0LN, 47L0LP, 47L0LR, 47L0LT, 47L0LV, 47L0LY, 47L0NA, 47L0ND, 47L0NE, 47L0NG, 47L0NH, 47L0NL, 47L0NX, 47L0NY, 47L0P1, 47L0P3, 47L0P4, 47L0P6, 47L0P7, 47L0P8, 47L0P9, 47L0PA, 47L0PB, 47L0PC, 47L0PD, 47L0PE, 47L0RR, 47L0RS, 47L0RU, 47L0RV, 47L0RX, 47L0YG, 48G00B, 48G00C, 48G00D, 48G00E, 48G00F, 48G00G, 48G00H, 48G01L, 48G0GG, 48G0GH, 48G0GK, 48G0GM, 48G0GR, 48G0GT, 48G0GU, 48G0GV, 48G0GX, 48G0GY, 48G0H0, 48G0H1, 48G0H2, 48G0H3, 48G0H4, 48G0H5, 48G0H6, 48G0H7, 48G0H8, 48G0H9, 48G0HA, 48G0HB, 48G0HC, 48G0HE, 48G0HJ, 48G0HQ, 48G0HR, 48H00G, 48H00H, 48H011, 48H012, 48H013, 48H014, 48H01J, 48H01K, 48H01L, 48H01M, 48H01N, 48H0MY, 48H0MZ, 48H0N0, 48H0N1, 48H0N2, 48H0N3, 48H0N4, 48H0N5, 48H0N6, 48H0N7, 48H0N9, 48H0NA, 48H0NB, 48H0NC, 48H0ND, 48H0NE, 48H0NF, 48H0NG, 48H0NH, 48H0NN, 48H0NP, 48H0NQ, 48H0NR, 48H0NS, 48H0NT, 48H0NU, 48J00F, 48J01E, 48J01F, 48J01G, 48J01H, 48J01J, 48J020, 48J022, 48J023, 48J026, 48J027, 48J02L, 48J02M, 48J02P, 48J02R, 48J02T, 48J03C, 48J0M5, 48J0M6, 48J0M9, 48J0MA, 48J0MD, 48J0ME, 48J0MF, 48J0MG, 48J0MH, 48J0MJ, 48J0MK, 48J0ML, 48J0MM, 48J0MN, 48J0MP, 48J0MQ, 48J0MR, 48J0MS, 48J0MT, 48J0MU, 48J0MV, 48J0MW, 48J0MX, 48J0MY, 48J0MZ, 48J0N0, 48J0N1, 48J0N2, 48J0N4, 48J0N5, 48J0N7, 48J0N9, 48J0NA, 48J0NC, 48J0NE, 48J0VW, 48J0VY, 48J22S, 48L005, 48L006, 48L008, 48L009, 48L00A, 48L028, 48L02B, 48L02D, 48L02F, 48L02K, 48L02L, 48L02N, 48L02P, 48L02R, 48L02T, 48L0FR, 48L0FW, 48L0FY, 48L0FZ, 48L0G0, 48L0G2, 48L0GD, 48L0GE, 48L0GF, 48L0GG, 48L0GH, 48L0GS, 48L0GU, 48L0GW, 48L0GX, 48L0GZ, 49G02Y, 49H02W, 49H0GB, 49H0GD, 49H18H, 49H18K, 49H1B3, 49H1BG, 49H1BJ, 49H1BL, 49H1J1, 49H1J2, 49H1S8, 49J0BL, 49J0BM, 49J0BN, 50H01X, 50H01Z, 50H05K, 50H05L, 50H0DR, 50H0DS, 50H0DU, 50H0DW, 50H0DY, 50H0VN, 50H0VQ, 50H0VR, 50H0W1, 50H0W3, 50J02A, 50J04Y, 50J04Z, 50J050, 50J0EM, 50J0EN, 50J0EP, 50J0EQ, 50J0ES, 50J0P8, 50J0P9, 50J0PA, 50J0PB, 50J0PC, 50J0PD, 50J0PE, 50J0PF, 51G03K, 51G03L, 51G03M, 51G03N, 51G03P, 51G092, 51G093, 51G094, 51G098, 51G09K, 51G09L, 51G09M, 51G09N, 51G09P, 51G09Q, 51G09R, 51G09T, 51G09U, 51G09X, 51G09Y, 51G09Z, 51G0A0, 51G0A1, 51G0A2, 51G0A3, 51G0A8, 51G0A9, 51G0AA, 51G0AB, 51G0AC, 51G0AD, 51G0AE, 51G0AF, 51G0AG, 51G0AH, 51G0AJ, 51G0AK, 51G0AL, 51G0AM, 51G0AN, 51G0AQ, 51G0AR, 51G0AS, 51G0AT, 51G0AU, 51G0AW, 51G0AX, 51G0AY, 51G0AZ, 51G0B0, 51G0B1, 51G0B2, 51G0B3, 51G0B4, 51G0B5, 51G0B6, 51G0B7, 51G0B9, 51G0BA, 51G0BB, 51G0BC, 51G0BD, 51G0BE, 51G0BF, 51G0BG, 51G0BH, 51G0BJ, 51G0BK, 51G0BL, 51G0BM, 51G0BN, 51G0BP, 51G0BQ, 51G0BR, 51G0BS, 51G0BY, 51G0CL, 51G0CM, 51G0CN, 51G0CP, 51G0CQ, 51G0D6, 51G0D7, 51G0D8, 51G0D9, 51G0DA, 51G0DB, 51G0DC, 51G0DD, 51G0DE, 51G0DF, 51G0DG, 51G0DH, 51G0DJ, 51G0DK, 51G0DL, 51G0E0, 51G0E1, 51G0E2, 51G0E3, 51G0E4, 51G0E5, 51G0E6, 51G0E7, 51G0E8, 51G0E9, 51G0EA, 51G0EE, 51G0EF, 51G0EG, 51G0EH, 51G0EJ, 51G0EK, 51G0EL, 51G0EM, 51G0EN, 51G0HT, 51G0HU, 51G0HV, 51G0HW, 51G0HX, 51G0HY, 51G0HZ, 51G0J0, 51G0J1, 51G0J2, 51G0J3, 51G0J4, 51G0J5, 51G0J6, 51G0J7, 51G0J8, 51G0J9, 51G0JA, 51G0JB, 51G0JC, 51G0L1, 51G0L3, 51G0L4, 51G0L5, 51G0NY, 51G0NZ, 51G0P0, 51G0P1, 51H06Q, 51H06R, 51H06T, 51H06V, 51H06W, 51H0D3, 51H0D4, 51H0D5, 51H0D6, 51H0D8, 51H0D9, 51H0DA, 51H0GN, 51H0GP, 51H0GS, 51H0GT, 51H0GU, 51H0GV, 51H0GW, 51H0GX, 51H0GZ, 51H0H1, 51H0HJ, 51H0HL, 51H0HN, 51H0HP, 51H0HQ, 51H0HR, 51H0HU, 51H0HV, 51H0HW, 51H0HX, 51H0HZ, 51H0J0, 51H0J1, 51H0J2, 51H0JZ, 51H0KB, 51H0KC, 51H0KD, 51H0KE, 51H0KF, 51H0KG, 51H0KH, 51H0KJ, 51H0KK, 51H0KL, 51H0KM, 51H0KN, 51H0KP, 51H0KQ, 51H0KR, 51H0KS, 51H0KT, 51H0KU, 51H0KW, 51H0KX, 51H0KZ, 51H0L0, 51H0L1, 51H0L2, 51H0L3, 51H0L4, 51H0L5, 51H0L7, 51H0L9, 51H0LA, 51H0LB, 51H0LC, 51H0LD, 51H0LE, 51H0LF, 51H0LG, 51H0LH, 51H0LJ, 51H0LK, 51H0LL, 51H0LM, 51H0LN, 51H0LP, 51H0LQ, 51H0LR, 51H0LS, 51H0LT, 51H0LU, 51H0LV, 51H0LW, 51H0LX, 51H0LY, 51H0LZ, 51H0M0, 51H0M1, 51H0M3, 51H0M4, 51H0M5, 51H0M6, 51H0M7, 51H0M8, 51H0M9, 51H0MB, 51H0MC, 51H0ME, 51H0MF, 51H0MG, 51H0MH, 51H0MJ, 51H0MK, 51H0ML, 51H0MP, 51H0NG, 51H0NJ, 51H0NK, 51H0NM, 51H0NP, 51H0NX, 51H0NY, 51H0NZ, 51H0P0, 51H0P1, 51H0P2, 51H0P3, 51H0P4, 51H0P5, 51H0P6, 51H0Q3, 51H0Q4, 51H0Q6, 51H0Q8, 51H0Q9, 51H0QL, 51H0QP, 51H0QQ, 51H0QS, 51H0QT, 51H0QU, 51H0QV, 51H0QW, 51H0QX, 51H0QY, 51H0QZ, 51H0R0, 51H0R1, 51H0R2, 51H0R3, 51H0R4, 51H0R5, 51H0R6, 51H0R7, 51H0R8, 51H0R9, 51H0RA, 51H0RB, 51H0RC, 51H0RD, 51H0RE, 51H0RF, 51H0RG, 51H0RH, 51H0RJ, 51H0S1, 51H0S3, 51H0S5, 51H0SK, 51H0SL, 51H0SM, 51H0SN, 51H0SP, 51H0SQ, 51H0SR, 51H0SS, 51H0SZ, 51H0T0, 51H0T1, 51H0T2, 51H0T3, 51H0T4, 51H0T6, 51H0T8, 51H0T9, 51H0TC, 51H0TE, 51H0TH, 51H0TJ, 51H0TK, 51H0TL, 51H0TM, 51H0TN, 51H0TP, 51H0TR, 51H0TS, 51H0TT, 51H0TV, 51H0TX, 51H0TY, 51H0TZ, 51H103, 51H105, 51H109, 51H10C, 51H10F, 51H10G, 51H10H, 51H10J, 51H10K, 51H10L, 51H10M, 51H10P, 51H10Q, 51H10R, 51H10S, 51H10T, 51H10U, 51H10V, 51H10W, 51H10X, 51H10Y, 51H10Z, 51H110, 51H111, 51H112, 51H113, 51H114, 51H115, 51H116, 51H117, 51H118, 51H11A, 51H11B, 51H11C, 51H11D, 51H11E, 51H11F, 51H11G, 51H11H, 51H11J, 51H11K, 51H11L, 51H11M, 51H11N, 51H11P, 51H11Q, 51H11R, 51H11S, 51H11U, 51H11V, 51H11W, 51H11X, 51H11Y, 51H11Z, 51H120, 51H121, 51H122, 51H123, 51H124, 51H125, 51H126, 51H12R, 51H12T, 51H12U, 51H12W, 51H12Y, 51H14G, 51H14H, 51H14K, 51H14L, 51H14T, 51H14U, 51H14V, 51H14W, 51H1AZ, 51H1B2, 51H1B4, 51H1B5, 51H1B6, 51H1B7, 51H1B8, 51H1BA, 51H1BB, 51H1BC, 51H1BD, 51H1BE, 51H1BG, 51H1BH, 51H1BJ, 51H1GU, 51H1GW, 51H1GX, 51H1GY, 51H1GZ, 51J04V, 51J050, 51J052, 51J053, 51J054, 51J055, 51J056, 51J057, 51J058, 51J059, 51J05A, 51J05B, 51J05C, 51J05D, 51J05E, 51J09K, 51J09M, 51J09P, 51J09Q, 51J09S, 51J0AB, 51J0AD, 51J0AE, 51J0AF, 51J0AH, 51J0AK, 51J0AM, 51J0AN, 51J0AP, 51J0AQ, 51J0AR, 51J0AS, 51J0AU, 51J0AV, 51J0AW, 51J0AX, 51J0AY, 51J0AZ, 51J0B0, 51J0B1, 51J0B2, 51J0B3, 51J0B4, 51J0B5, 51J0B6, 51J0B7, 51J0B8, 51J0B9, 51J0BA, 51J0BB, 51J0BC, 51J0BD, 51J0BE, 51J0BF, 51J0BG, 51J0BH, 51J0BJ, 51J0BK, 51J0BL, 51J0BM, 51J0BN, 51J0BP, 51J0G8, 51J0GA, 51J0GC, 51J0GE, 51J0GF, 51J0J6, 51J0J8, 51J0J9, 51J0JA, 51J0JB, 51J0JC, 51J0JD, 51J0JE, 51J0JF, 51J0JH, 51J0RJ, 51J0RL, 51J0RM, 51J0RN, 51J0RP, 51J0RQ, 51J0RR, 51J0RS, 51J0RT, 51J0RU, 51J0RV, 51J0RW, 51J0RY, 51J0RZ, 51J0S0, 51J0S1, 51J0S2, 51J0S4, 51J0S5, 51J0S6, 51J0S7, 51J0S9, 51J0SA, 51J0SC, 51J0SD, 51J0UT, 51L016, 52G0H6, 52G0H8, 52G0HA, 52G0HC, 52G0HE, 52H0LT, 52H0LU, 52H0LW, 52H0LX, 52H0LZ, 52H0M1, 52H0M2, 52H0M4, 52H0M6, 52H0M7, 52H0M8, 52H0M9, 52H0MB, 52H0MD, 52H0YD, 52H0YJ, 52H0YL, 52H0YM, 52J0B5, 52J0BA, 52J0BG, 52J0BK, 52J0BN, 52J0GA, 52J0GG, 52J0GK, 52J0GM, 52J0GQ, 52J0GR, 52J0GS, 52J0LG, 52J0LH, 52J0LJ, 52J0LK, 52J0LL, 53J014, 53J016, 53J018

Chassis Serial Numbers starting with JMX06:

35E0HD, 35E0HE, 35E0HF, 35E0HG, 35E0HH, 35E0HJ, 35E0HK, 35E0HM, 35E0HN, 35E0HP, 35E0HR, 35E0HS, 35E0LE, 35E0LF, 35E0LK, 35E0LM, 35E0LQ, 35E0LR, 35E0MD, 35E0ME, 35E0MF, 35E0XP, 35E0XQ, 35E0XR, 35E0XT, 35E0XU, 35E0XV, 35F0E6, 35F0E7, 35F0E9, 35F0EA, 35F0EB, 35F0ED, 35F0ZR, 35F0ZT, 35F0ZU, 35F0ZX, 35F0ZZ, 35F102, 35F103, 35F105, 35F106, 35F10B, 35F10C, 35F27B, 35F27D, 35F27F, 35F27G, 35H063, 35H064, 35H065, 35H066, 35H067, 35H068, 35H069, 35H06A, 35H06B, 35H06C, 35H06D, 35H06E, 35H0KL, 35H0KM, 35H0KN, 35H0KP, 35H0KR, 35H0KT, 35H0KV, 35H0KW, 35H0KX, 35H0KY, 35H0KZ, 35H0L0, 35H0L1, 35H0L2, 35H0L3, 35H0L4, 35H0L5, 35H0L6, 35H0L7, 35H0LD, 35H0LE, 35H0LF, 35H0LG, 35H0LH, 35H0LJ, 35H0LK, 35H103, 35H104, 35H105, 35H13M, 35H13P, 35H13R, 35H13T, 35H13V, 35H13X, 35J0KC, 35J0KD, 35J0KE, 35J0KF, 35J0KG, 35J0KH, 35J0RF, 35J0RG, 35J0RH, 35J0RJ, 35J0RK, 35J0RL, 35J0RM, 35J0RN, 35J0RP, 35J0RQ, 35J0RR, 35J0RS, 35J0TD, 35J0TF, 35J0TH, 35J0TJ, 35J0TL, 35J0TN, 35J0TP, 35J0TQ, 35J0TT, 35J0TU, 35J0TW, 35J0TX, 36F0T9, 36F0X1, 36F0X4, 36F0X8, 36F0XC, 36F0XF, 36F0XJ, 36H0PD, 36H0PF, 36H0PH, 36H0PK, 36H0PM, 36H0PP, 36J17Q, 36J17S, 36J17U, 36J17V, 36J17W, 36J17Z, 36J180, 36J183, 36J184, 36J188, 36J189, 36J18C, 37F00M, 37F00Q, 37F00S, 37F00T, 37F00U, 38E0JX, 38E0JY, 38E0JZ, 38E0K0, 38E0K1, 38E0K2, 38E0K3, 38E0K4, 38E0K5, 38E0K6, 38E0K7, 38E0K8, 38F1LL, 38F1LN, 38F1LS, 38F1LV, 38F1LX, 38F1LY, 38F1M0, 38F1M2, 38F1M5, 38F1M6, 38F1M7, 38F1M8, 38F1M9, 38F1MA, 38F1MB, 38F1MD, 38F1ME, 38F1MF, 38F1MG, 38F1MH, 38F1ML, 38F2AQ, 38F2AR, 38F2AS, 38F2AT, 38F2AU, 38F2AV, 38F2AW, 38F2AX, 38F2AY, 38F2AZ, 38F2B0, 38F2B1, 38H1DT, 38H1DU, 38H1DV, 38H1DW, 38H205, 38H206, 38H207, 38H208, 38H209, 38H20A, 38H20B, 38H20D, 38H20F, 38H20K, 38H20L, 38H20P, 38H217, 38H219, 38H21B, 38H21D, 38H21G, 38H21H, 38J1YE, 38J1YH, 38J1YK, 38J1YM, 38J1YP, 38J1YR, 38J1YU, 38J1YW, 38J1YX, 38J1Z1, 38J1Z2, 38J20J, 38J2K8, 38J2KA, 38J2KC, 38J2KE, 38J2MX, 38J2MZ, 38J2N1, 38J2N3, 38J2N5, 38J2N6, 38J2N8, 38J2NA, 38J2NC, 38J2NE, 38J2NG, 38J2NH, 38J2RH, 38J2RK, 38J2RR, 38J2RT, 38J2RU, 38J2RV, 38J2RY, 38J2S0, 38J2T5, 38J2T8, 38J2TB, 38J2TC, 38J2TD, 38J2TE, 38J2TF, 38J2TG, 38J2TH, 38J2TJ, 38J2TK, 38J2TL, 38J2TM, 38J2TN, 38J2TP, 38J2TQ, 38J2TR, 38J2TS, 38J2TT, 38J2TU, 38J2TV, 38J2TW, 38J2TX, 38J2TY, 38J2TZ, 38J2U0, 38J2U1, 38J2U3, 38J2U5, 38J2U7, 38J2U9, 38J2UC, 38J2UF, 38J2UG, 38J2UJ, 39E012, 39E013, 39E014, 39E016, 39E017, 39E018, 39E019, 39E01A, 39E01B, 39E01C, 39E01E, 39F02R, 39F02S, 39F02T, 39F02U, 39F02V, 39F02W, 39F02X, 39F02Y, 39F02Z, 39F030, 39F031, 39F032, 39H024, 39H025, 39H027, 39H029, 39H02A, 39H02B, 39H02D, 39H02F, 39H02G, 39H02J, 39H02K, 39H02L, 39H02M, 39H02N, 39H02P, 39H02Q, 39H02R, 39H02S, 39H02T, 39H02U, 39H02X, 39J075, 39J078, 39J079, 40E0BF, 40E0EZ, 40E0F1, 40E0F3, 40E0F5, 40E0FS, 40E0FU, 40E0FW, 40E0FY, 40E0G3, 40E0G5, 40E0G7, 40E0G9, 40E0GE, 40E0GG, 40E0GJ, 40E0GL, 40E10D, 40E10E, 40E10F, 40E10G, 40E10H, 40E10J, 40E10R, 40E10S, 40E10T, 40E10U, 40E10V, 40E10W, 40E113, 40E114, 40E115, 40E116, 40E117, 40E118, 40F0D1, 40F0D5, 40F0D6, 40F0FE, 40F0FG, 40F0FJ, 40F0FL, 40F0FN, 40F0FQ, 40F0T5, 40F0T9, 40F0TD, 40F0TG, 40F0TV, 40F0TW, 40F0TZ, 40F0U0, 40F0U2, 40F0U4, 40F0U5, 40F0U9, 40F0UJ, 40F0UM, 40F0UQ, 40F0US, 40F0UT, 40F0UV, 40F0UW, 40F0VD, 40F0VG, 40F0VM, 40F0VR, 40F0WX, 40F0X1, 40F0X5, 40F0X8, 40F1XT, 40F1XY, 40F1Y2, 40F1Y6, 40F1YA, 40F1YC, 40F1YD, 40F1YF, 40F1YG, 40F1YH, 40F1YK, 40F1YL, 40F1YM, 40F1YP, 40F1YQ, 40F1YR, 40F1YU, 40F1YY, 40F1Z3, 40F1Z5, 40F1Z6, 40F1Z7, 40F1Z9, 40F1ZA, 40F1ZB, 40F1ZC, 40F1ZF, 40F1ZH, 40F1ZK, 40H0CA, 40H0CB, 40H0CH, 40H0CJ, 40H0CM, 40H0CQ, 40H0CU, 40H0CW, 40H0D0, 40H0D2, 40H0D6, 40H0DB, 40H11M, 40H11N, 40H11S, 40H11U, 40H11X, 40H11Z, 40H122, 40H123, 40H124, 40H129, 40H12A, 40J0MB, 40J0MC, 40J0MD, 40J0ME, 40J0MH, 40J0MK, 40J0MZ, 40J0N2, 40J0N4, 40J0N6, 40J0XA, 40J0XB, 40J0XE, 40J0XF, 40J0XZ, 40J0Y7, 40J0YB, 40J0YD, 40J0YU, 40J0YV, 40J0YW, 40J0YY, 40J0YZ, 40J0Z7, 40J0ZA, 40J0ZB, 40J0ZD, 40J0ZF, 40J0ZK, 40J0ZN, 40J0ZU, 40J0ZW, 40J0ZZ, 40J101, 40J102, 40J104, 40J105, 40J12V, 40J25W, 40J260, 40J265, 40J268, 40J26F, 40J26H, 40J26J, 40J26L, 40J26M, 40J271, 40J273, 40J277, 40J279, 40J27B, 40J27D, 40J27F, 40J27H, 41E0PQ, 41E0PT, 41E0PV, 41E0PX, 41E0PZ, 41E0QQ, 41E0QS, 41E0QU, 41E0QW, 41E0R0, 41E0R2, 41E0R4, 41E0R6, 41E0R8, 41E0RA, 41E0RC, 41E0RS, 41E0S5, 41E0S7, 41E0S8, 41E0SD, 41E0SF, 41F009, 41F00C, 41F00G, 41F00K, 41F00M, 41F00Q, 41F03N, 41F03X, 41F041, 41F045, 41F047, 41F0FV, 41F1G1, 41F1G4, 41F1G6, 41F1G8, 41F1GA, 41F1GD, 41F1H5, 41F1JL, 41F1JN, 41F1JT, 41F1JU, 41F1JV, 41F1JW, 41F1K0, 41F1K3, 41F1K4, 41F1K5, 41F1K6, 41F1KA, 41F1KD, 41F1KF, 41F1KG, 41F1KM, 41F1KQ, 41F1KU, 41F1KV, 41F1KW, 41F1KY, 41F1LJ, 41F1LW, 41F1MK, 41F1ML, 41F1MP, 41F1MT, 41F1MV, 41F1MX, 41F1MY, 41F1N0, 41F1N1, 41F1N3, 41F1N4, 41F1NA, 41F1NH, 41F1NJ, 41F1NK, 41F1NL, 41F1NM, 41F1NN, 41F1NV, 41F1NW, 41F1NX, 41F1NY, 41F1NZ, 41F1P0, 41H0V5, 41H0V6, 41H0V9, 41H0VB, 41H0VE, 41H0VF, 41H0W6, 41H0WB, 41H0WC, 41H0WD, 41H0WJ, 41H0WK, 41H0WP, 41H0WS, 41H0WT, 41H0WU, 41H0WY, 41H0WZ, 41H0XT, 41H0XU, 41H0Y0, 41H0Y1, 41H0Y4, 41H0Y5, 41H0Y7, 41H0YA, 41H0YD, 41H0YE, 41H0YF, 41J01H, 41J1AA, 41J1AC, 41J1AD, 41J1AM, 41J1AQ, 41J1AZ, 41J1B0, 41J1B1, 41J1B5, 41J1B8, 41J1C4, 41J1CG, 41J1CJ, 41J1CK, 41J1CS, 41J1CW, 41J1CX, 41J1D3, 41J1D5, 41J1D7, 41J1DA, 41J1DC, 41J1DD, 41J1DL, 41J1DM, 41J1DN, 41J1DP, 41J1DQ, 42F0MW, 42J0Y7, 43E12W, 43F1EX, 43F1EZ, 43H0J7, 43H0TK, 44E0VC, 44E0VG, 44E0VJ, 44E0VL, 44E0VN, 44E1GW, 44E1GY, 44E1H0, 44E1H2, 44E1H3, 44E1H5, 44E1Z3, 44E1Z4, 44E1Z5, 44E1Z6, 44E1Z7, 44E1Z8, 44E1Z9, 44E1ZA, 44E1ZB, 44E1ZC, 44E1ZD, 44E1ZE, 44E1ZF, 44E1ZG, 44E1ZH, 44E1ZJ, 44E1ZK, 44E1ZL, 44E20F, 44E20J, 44E20L, 44E20M, 44H0WN, 44H0WQ, 44H0WS, 44H0WU, 44H0WW, 44H0WY, 44J02K, 44J02L, 44J02Q, 44J02S, 44J1LZ, 44J1M5, 44J1M9, 44J1MB, 44J1MH, 44J1MJ, 44J1TF, 45F0K3, 45F0K7, 45F0K9, 45F0KP, 45F0KR, 45F0KX, 45F0KY, 45F0L2, 45F0L3, 45F0L4, 45F0L5, 45F0LB, 45F0LC, 45F0LG, 45F0LH, 45F0P6, 45F0P9, 45F0PB, 45F0PC, 45F0PJ, 45F0PK, 45H00C, 45H0YJ, 45H0YU, 45H0YV, 45H0YX, 45H0Z0, 45H0Z7, 45H10E, 45H10G, 45H10K, 45H10P, 45H10Q, 45H10S, 45H10U, 45H10V, 45H10W, 45H10Z, 45H111, 45H113, 45H11N, 45J0SU, 45J0SX, 45J0T0, 45J0T4, 45J0T7, 45J0T9, 45J0TK, 45J0TP, 45J0TT, 45J0TX, 45J0U0, 45J0U2, 45J0U3, 45J0U5, 45J0U7, 45J0UB, 45J0UF, 45J0UK, 45J0XB, 45J0XD, 45J0XF, 45J0XH, 45J0XK, 45J1LL, 45J1LN, 45J1LQ, 45J1LT, 45J1LU, 45J1LX, 45J1LY, 45J1M1, 45J1M2, 45J1M4, 45J1M7, 45J1MC, 46H1LJ, 46H1LN, 46H1LQ, 46H1LS, 46H1LV, 46H1LW, 46H1LY, 46H1M3, 46H1M4, 46H1M7, 46J00G, 46J01B, 46J1XE, 46J1YA, 47F0J2, 47F0LH, 47F1GG, 47F1GJ, 47H0MT, 47H0MU, 48E0EF, 48E0EG, 48E0EH, 48E0EJ, 48E0EK, 48E0EL, 48E0EM, 48E0EN, 48F0FS, 48F0FU, 48F0FW, 48F0G0, 48F0G3, 48F0G7, 48F0GB, 48F0GF, 48F0GJ, 48F0GN, 48F0GS, 48F0GV, 48F0MU, 48F0TD, 48F0TJ, 48F0TN, 48F0U2, 48F0U3, 48F0U5, 48F0YR, 48F0YU, 48F0YW, 48F0YY, 48F0Z2, 48F0Z5, 48F0Z9, 48F0ZC, 48F0ZF, 48F0ZK, 48F0ZN, 48F0ZR, 48F0ZU, 48F0ZV, 48F0ZW, 48F0ZY, 48F100, 48F101, 48F102, 48F103, 48F104, 48F105, 48F106, 48F108, 48F109, 48F10A, 48F10D, 48F10F, 48F10H, 48F10M, 48J0BP, 48J0BR, 48J0BS, 48J0D1, 48J0D3, 48J0DA, 48J0DC, 48J0DJ, 48J0DN, 48J0G2, 48J0G3, 48J0G6, 48J0G7, 48J0G9, 48J0GA, 48J0GC, 48J0GD, 48J0PJ, 48J0PK, 48J0PL, 48J0V8, 48J0V9, 48J0VC, 48J0VD, 48J0VG, 48J0VH, 48J0YF, 48J0YG, 48J0YH, 49E0C8, 49E0CA, 49E0CB, 49E0CF, 49E0CG, 49E0CL, 49E0CM, 49E0CQ, 49E0CS, 49E0CT, 49E0CW, 49F0HN, 49F0HS, 49F0HV, 49F0HY, 49F0J1, 49F0J4, 49F0J8, 49F0JB, 49F0JE, 49F0JG, 49F0JK, 49F0JM, 49F0JN, 49F0JR, 49F0JT, 49F0JU, 49F0JX, 49F0JY, 49F0K1, 49F0K2, 49F0K5, 49F0K6, 49F0K9, 49F0PF, 49F0QT, 49H05D, 49H05F, 49H05J, 49H05L, 49H05M, 49H09Y, 49H0A0, 49H0A2, 49H0A4, 49H0A6, 49H0A8, 49H0VJ, 49H0VL, 49H0VN, 49H0VQ, 49H0VU, 49J0G2, 49J0G3, 49J0G9, 49J0GB, 49J0GK, 49J0GL, 49J0GN, 49J0GP, 49J0GS, 49J0GT, 49J0GW, 49J0H3, 49J1P0, 49J1P2, 49J1PA, 49J1PE, 49J1PH, 49J1PN, 50E001, 50E003, 50E00Q, 50E013, 50E014, 50E015, 50E016, 50E017, 50E018, 50E066, 50E067, 50E068, 50E069, 50E06A, 50E15L, 50E15M, 50E15S, 50E15V, 50E15W, 50E165, 50J001, 50J003, 50J04T, 50J04Y, 50J05E, 50J05G, 50J05M, 50J05R, 50J155, 50J156, 50J1KU, 51J2GY, 51J2H5, 51J2H7, 51J2HC, 51J2HL, 52F0AW, 52F0B2, 52F0B6, 52F0B9, 52H04A, 52H055, 52H057, 52H059, 52H05B, 52H05E, 52H05L, 52H05N, 52H05Q, 52H05S, 52H05U, 52H061

PCBA Serial Numbers

PCBA Serial Numbers - All start with JAD06:

340G9V, 340G9W, 340G9X, 340G9Y, 340G9Z, 340GA0, 340GA1, 340GA2, 340GA3, 340GA4, 340GA5, 340GA6, 340GA7, 340GA8, 340GA9, 340GAA, 340GAB, 340GAC, 340GAD, 340GAE, 340GAF, 340GAG, 340GAH, 340GAI, 340GAJ, 340GAL, 340GAM, 340GAN, 340GAO, 340GAP, 340GAQ, 340GAR, 340GAS, 340GAT, 340GAU, 340GAV, 340GAW, 340GAX, 340GAY, 340GAZ, 340GB0, 340GB1, 340GB2, 340GB3, 340GB4, 340GB5, 340GB6, 340GB7, 340GB8, 340GB9, 340GBA, 340GBB, 340GBC, 340GBD, 340GBE, 340GBF, 340GBG, 340GBH, 340GBI, 340GBJ, 340GBK, 340GBL, 340GBM, 340GBN, 340GBO, 340GBP, 340GBQ, 340GBR, 340GBS, 340GBT, 340GBU, 340GBV, 340GBW, 340GBX, 340GBY, 340GBZ, 340GC0, 340GC1, 340GC2, 340GC3, 340GC4, 340GC5, 340GC6, 340GC7, 340GC8, 340GC9, 340GCA, 340GCB, 340GCC, 340GCD, 340GCE, 340GCF, 340GCG, 340GCH, 340GCI, 340GCJ, 340GCK, 340GCL, 340GCM, 340GCN, 340GCO, 340GCP, 340GCQ, 340GCR, 340GCS, 340GCT, 340GCU, 340GCV, 340GCW, 340GCX, 340GCY, 340GCZ, 340GD0, 340GD1, 340GD2, 340GD3, 340GD4, 340GD5, 340GD6, 340GD7, 340GD8, 340GD9, 340GDA, 340GDB, 340GDC, 340GDD, 340GDE, 340GDF, 340GDG, 340GDH, 340GDI, 340GDJ, 340GDK, 340GDL, 340GDM, 340GDN, 340GDO, 340GDP, 340GDQ, 340GDR, 340GDS, 340GDT, 340GDU, 340GDV, 340GDW, 340GDX, 340GDY, 340GDZ, 340GE0, 340GE1, 340GE2, 340GE3, 340GE4, 340GE5, 340GE6, 340GE7, 340GE8, 340GE9, 340GEA, 340GEB, 340GEC, 340GED, 340GEE, 340GEF, 340GEG, 340GEH, 340GEI, 340GEJ, 340GEK, 340GEL, 340GEM, 340GEN, 340GEO, 340GEP, 340GEQ, 340GER, 340GEV, 340GEW, 340GEX, 340GEY, 340GEZ, 340GF0, 340GF1, 340GF2, 340GF3, 340GF4, 340GF5, 340GF6, 340GF7, 340GF8, 340GF9, 340GFA, 340GFB, 340GFC, 340GFD, 340GFE, 340GFF, 340GFG, 340GFH, 340GFI, 340GFJ, 340GFK, 340GFL, 340GFM, 340GFN, 340GFO, 340GFP, 340GFQ, 340GFR, 340GFS, 340GFT, 340GFU, 340GFV, 340GG1, 340GG2, 340GG4, 340GG5, 340GG6, 340GG7, 340GG8, 340GG9, 340GGA, 340GGB, 340GGC, 340GGD, 340GGE, 340GGF, 340GGG, 340GGH, 340GGI, 340GGJ, 340GGK, 340GGL, 340GGM, 340GGN, 340GGO, 340GGP, 340GGQ, 340GGR, 340GGS, 340GGT, 340GGU, 340GGV, 340GGW, 340GGX, 340GGY, 340GGZ, 340GH0, 340GH1, 340GH2, 340GH3, 340GH4, 340GH5, 340GH6, 340GH7, 340GH8, 340LSX, 340LSY, 340LSZ, 340LT0, 340LT2, 340LT3, 340LT4, 340LT5, 340LT6, 340LT8, 340LT9, 340LTA, 340LTB, 340LTC, 340LTD, 340LTE, 340LTF, 340LTG, 340LTH, 340LTI, 340LTJ, 340LTK, 340LTL, 340LTM, 340LTN, 340LTO, 340LTP, 340LTQ, 340LTR, 340LTS, 340LTT, 340LTU, 340LTV, 340LTW, 340LTX, 340LTY, 340LTZ, 340LU0, 340LU1, 340LU2, 340LU3, 340LU4, 340LU5, 340LU6, 340LU7, 340LU8, 340LU9, 340LUA, 340LUB, 340LUC, 340LUE, 340LUF, 340LUG, 340LUH, 340LUI, 340LUJ, 340LUK, 340LUL, 340LUM, 340LUN, 340LUO, 340LUP, 340LUR, 340LUS, 340LUT, 340LUU, 340LUV, 340LUW, 340LUX, 340LUY, 340LUZ, 340LV0, 340LV1, 340LV2, 340LV3, 340LV4, 340LV5, 340LV6, 340LV7, 340LV8, 340LV9, 340LVA, 340LVB, 340LVC, 340LVD, 340LVE, 340LVF, 340LVG, 340LVH, 340LVI, 340LVJ, 340LVK, 340LVL, 340LVM, 340LVN, 340LVO, 340LVP, 340LVQ, 340LVR, 340LVT, 340LVU, 340LVV, 340LVY, 340LVZ, 340LW0, 340LW1, 340LW2, 340LW3, 340LW4, 340LW5, 340LW6, 340LWB, 340LWC, 340LWD, 340LWE, 340LWF, 340LWG, 340LWH, 340LWI, 340LWJ, 340LWK, 340LWL, 340LWM, 340LWN, 340LWO, 340LWP, 340LWQ, 340LWR, 340LWS, 3503D3, 3503DS, 350BO3, 350BO4, 350BO5, 350BO6, 350BO8, 350BO9, 350BOA, 350BOB, 350BOC, 350BOD, 350BOE, 350BOF, 350BOH, 350BOI, 350BOK, 350BOL, 350BOM, 350BON, 350BOO, 350BOP, 350BOQ, 350BOR, 350BOS, 350BOT, 350BOU, 350BOV, 350BOW, 350BOX, 350BOY, 350BOZ, 350BP0, 350BP1, 350BP2, 350BP3, 350BP4, 350BP5, 350BP6, 350BP7, 350BP8, 350BP9, 350BPA, 350BPB, 350BPC, 350BPD, 350BPE, 350BPF, 350BPG, 350BPH, 350BPI, 350BPJ, 350BPK, 350BPL, 350BPM, 350BPN, 350BPO, 350BPP, 350BPQ, 350BPR, 350BPS, 350BPT, 350BPU, 350BPV, 350BPW, 350BPX, 350BPY, 350BPZ, 350BQ0, 350BQ1, 350BQ2, 350BQ3, 350BQ5, 350BQ6, 350BQ7, 350BQ8, 350BQ9, 350BQA, 350BQC, 350BQD, 350BQE, 350BQG, 350BQI, 350BQK, 350BQM, 350BQN, 350BQO, 350BQQ, 350BQR, 350BQS, 350BQT, 350BQU, 350BQW, 350BQX, 350BQY, 350BQZ, 350BR0, 350BR1, 350BR2, 350BR3, 350BR4, 350BR5, 350BR6, 350BR7, 350BR8, 350BR9, 350BRA, 350BRB, 350BRC, 350BRD, 350BRE, 350BRF, 350BRG, 350BRH, 350BRI, 350BRJ, 350BRK, 350BRL, 350BRM, 350BRN, 350BRO, 350BRP, 350BRR, 350BRT, 350BRU, 350BRV, 350BRW, 350BRX, 350BRY, 350BRZ, 350BS0, 350BS1, 350BS2, 350BS3, 350BS6, 350BS7, 350BS8, 350BS9, 350BSA, 350BSB, 350BSC, 350BSD, 350BSE, 350BSF, 350BSG, 350BSJ, 350BSK, 350BSL, 350BSM, 350BSN, 350BSQ, 350BSS, 350BSY, 350BT1, 350BT3, 350BT5, 350BT9, 350BTA, 350BTB, 350BTC, 350BTD, 350BTE, 350BTF, 350BTG, 350BTH, 350BTI, 350BTL, 350BTM, 350BTP, 350BTS, 350BTT, 350BTU, 350BTV, 350BTW, 350BTX, 350BTY, 350BTZ, 350BU0, 350BU1, 350BU2, 350BU3, 350BU4, 350BU5, 350BU6, 350BU7, 350BU8, 350BU9, 350BUA, 350BUC, 350BUD, 350BUE, 350BUF, 350BUI, 350BUL, 350BUM, 350BUN, 350BUO, 350BUP, 350BUQ, 350BUR, 350BUS, 350BUT, 350BUU, 350BUV, 350BUW, 350BUX, 350BUY, 350BUZ, 350BV1, 350BV2, 350BV3, 350BV4, 350BV5, 350BV6, 350BV7, 350BV8, 350BV9, 350BVA, 350BVB, 350BVD, 350BVE, 350BVF, 350BVG, 350BVH, 350BVI, 350BVK, 350BVL, 350BVM, 350BVN, 350BVO, 350BVP, 350BVQ, 350BVR, 350BVW, 350BVX, 350BVZ, 350BW1, 350BW2, 350BW3, 350BW5, 350BW7, 350BW9, 350BWG, 350BWJ, 350BWL, 350BWO, 350BWP, 350BWR, 350BWS, 350BWV, 350BWW, 350BWY, 350BX0, 350BX1, 350BX5, 350DXB, 350DYA, 350DYB, 350DYC, 350DYD, 350DYE, 350DYF, 350DYG, 350DYH, 350DYI, 350DYJ, 350DYK, 350DYL, 350DYM, 350DYN, 350DYO, 350DYP, 350DYQ, 350DYR, 350DYS, 350DYU, 350DYX, 350DYY, 350DYZ, 350DZ0, 350DZ1, 350DZ2, 350DZ3, 350DZ4, 350DZ5, 350DZ6, 350DZ7, 350DZ8, 350DZ9, 350DZA, 350DZB, 350DZC, 350DZD, 350DZE, 350DZF, 350DZG, 350DZH, 350DZI, 350DZJ, 350DZK, 350DZL, 350DZM, 350DZN, 350DZO, 350DZP, 350DZQ, 350DZR, 350DZS, 350DZT, 350DZU, 350DZV, 350DZW, 350DZX, 350DZY, 350DZZ, 350E00, 350E1D, 350IK3, 370EDN, 370EDO, 370EDP, 370EDQ, 370EDR, 370EDS, 370EDT, 370EDU, 370EDV, 370EDW, 370EDX, 370EDY, 370EE1, 370EE3, 370EE4, 370EE5, 370EE6, 370EE7, 370EE8, 370EE9, 370EEA, 370EEB, 370EEC, 370EEE, 370EEF, 370EEG, 370EEH, 370EEI, 370EEJ, 370EEK, 370EEL, 370EEM, 370EEN, 370EEO, 370EEP, 370EEQ, 370EER, 370EES, 370EET, 370EEU, 370EEV, 370EEW, 370EEX, 370EEY, 370EEZ, 370EF0, 370EF1, 370EF2, 370EF3, 370EF4, 370EF5, 370EF6, 370EF7, 370EF8, 370EF9, 370EFA, 370EFB, 370EFC, 370EFD, 370EFE, 370EFF, 370EFG, 370EFH, 370EFI, 370EFJ, 370EFK, 370EFL, 370EFM, 370EFN, 370EFO, 370EFP, 370EFQ, 370EFR, 370EFS, 370EFT, 370EFU, 370EVT, 370EVU, 370EVV, 370EVW, 370EVX, 370EVY, 370EVZ, 370EW0, 370EW1, 370EW2, 370EW3, 370EW4, 370EW5, 370EW6, 370EW7, 370EW8, 370EW9, 370EWA, 370EWB, 370EWC, 370EWD, 370EWE, 370EWF, 370EWG, 370EWK, 370EWL, 370EWM, 370EWN, 370EWO, 370EWP, 370EWQ, 370EWR, 370EWS, 370EWT, 370EWU, 370EWV, 370EWW, 370EWX, 370EWY, 370EWZ, 370EX0, 370EX1, 370EX2, 370EX3, 370EX4, 370EX5, 370EX6, 370EX7, 370EX8, 370EX9, 370EXA, 370EXB, 370EXC, 370EXD, 370EXE, 370EXF, 370EXG, 370EXH, 370EXI, 370EXJ, 370EXK, 370EXL, 370EXM, 370EXN, 370EXO, 370EXP, 370EXQ, 370EXR, 370EXS, 370EXT, 370EXU, 370EXV, 370EXW, 370EXX, 370EXY, 370EXZ, 370EY0, 370EY1, 370EY2, 370EY3, 370EY4, 370EY5, 370EY6, 370EY7, 370EY8, 370EY9, 370EYA, 370EYB, 370EYC, 370EYD, 370EYE, 370EYF, 370EYG, 370EYH, 370EYI, 370EYJ, 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440S8M, 440S8N, 440S8P, 440S8Q, 440S8R, 440S8S, 440S8T, 440S8U, 440S8W, 440S8X, 440S8Y, 440S8Z, 440S90, 440S91, 440S92, 440S93, 440S94, 440S95, 440S96, 440S97, 440S98, 440S99, 440S9A, 440S9C, 440S9D, 440S9E, 440S9F, 440S9G, 440S9H, 440S9J, 440S9K, 440S9L, 440S9M, 440S9N, 440S9P, 440S9Q, 440S9R, 440SAC, 440SAD, 440SAE, 440SAF, 440SAG, 440SAH, 440SAJ, 440SAK, 440SAL, 440SAM, 440SAN, 440SAP, 440SAQ, 440SAR, 440SAS, 440SAT, 440SAU, 440SAV, 440SAW, 440SAX, 440SAY, 440SAZ, 440SB0, 440SB1, 440SB2, 440SB3, 440SB4, 440SB5, 440SB6, 440SB7, 440SB8, 440SB9, 440SBA, 440SGL, 45016X, 45016Y, 45016Z, 450170, 450171, 450172, 450173, 450174, 450175, 4504JX, 4504JY, 4504JZ, 4504K0, 4504K1, 4504K2, 4504K3, 4504K4, 4504K5, 4504K6, 4504K7, 4504K8, 4504KA, 4504KB, 4504KC, 4504KD, 4504KE, 4504KF, 4504KG, 4504KH, 4504KJ, 4508TB, 4508TC, 4508TE, 4508TF, 4508TG, 460B1L, 460B1M, 460B1N, 460B1P, 460B1Q, 460B1R, 460B1S, 460B1T, 460B1U, 460B1V, 460B1W, 460B1X, 460B1Y, 460B1Z, 460B20, 460B21, 460B22, 460B24, 460B25, 460B26, 460B27, 460B28, 460B2A, 460B2B, 460B2C, 460B2D, 460B2E, 460B2F, 460B2G, 460B2H, 460B2J, 460B2K, 460B2L, 460B2M, 460B2N, 460B2P, 460B2Q, 460B2R, 460B2S, 460B2T, 460B2U, 460B2V, 460B2W, 460B2X, 460B2Y, 460B2Z, 460B30, 460B31, 460B32, 460B33, 460B34, 460B35, 460B36, 460B37, 460B38, 460B39, 460B3A, 460B3B, 460B3C, 460B3D, 460B3E, 460B3F, 460B3G, 460B3K, 460B3L, 460B3N, 460B3P, 460B3Q, 460B3R, 460B3S, 460B3T, 460B3U, 460B3V, 460B3W, 460B3X, 460B3Y, 460B3Z, 460B40, 460B41, 460B42, 460B43, 460B44, 460B45, 460B48, 460B49, 460B4A, 460B4B, 460B4G, 460B4H, 460B4K, 460B4L, 460B4M, 460B4N, 460B4P, 460B4Q, 460B4S, 460B4T, 460B4U, 460B4V, 460B4W, 460B4X, 460B4Y, 460B51, 460B52, 460B53, 460B54, 460B55, 460B56, 460B58, 460B59, 460B5A, 460B5C, 460B5D, 460B5E, 460B5F, 460B5G, 460B5H, 460B5J, 460B5K, 460B5M, 460B5T, 460B5U, 460B61, 460B62, 460B64, 460B65, 460B66, 460B67, 460B68, 460B69, 460B6R, 460B6T, 460B6U, 460B6V, 460B6X, 460B6Y, 460B6Z, 460B70, 460B72, 460B73, 460B74, 460B75, 460B76, 460B77, 460B78, 460B79, 460B7A, 460B7B, 460B7C, 460B7D, 460B7E, 460B7F, 460B7G, 460B7P, 460B7S, 460B7U, 460B7Z, 460B83, 460B8G, 460B8N, 460B8P, 460B8Q, 460B8S, 460B8T, 460B8U, 460B8V, 460B8W, 460B8X, 460B8Y, 460B90, 460B91, 460B92, 460B93, 460B94, 460B95, 460B96, 460B97, 460B98, 460B99, 460B9A, 460B9B, 460B9C, 460B9D, 460B9E, 460B9F, 460B9G, 460B9J, 460B9K, 460B9L, 460B9M, 460B9N, 460B9P, 460B9Q, 460B9R, 460B9S, 460B9T, 460B9U, 460B9V, 460B9W, 460B9X, 460B9Y, 460B9Z, 460BA0, 460BA1, 460BA2, 460BA3, 460BAG, 460BAH, 460BAJ, 460BAM, 460BAP, 460BAQ, 460BAY, 460BC6, 460BC9, 460BCA, 460BCC, 460BCV, 460BCW, 460BCZ, 460BD0, 460BDA, 460BDB, 460BDH, 460BDJ, 460BDK, 460BDL, 460BDM, 460BDN, 460BDP, 460BDY, 460BDZ, 460BE0, 460BE5, 460BE6, 460BEB, 460BEC, 460BED, 460BEF, 460BEH, 460BEK, 460BEL, 460BEX, 460BEY, 460BEZ, 460BF0, 460BF1, 460BF2, 460BF3, 460BF4, 460BFC, 460BFJ, 460BFK, 460BFM, 460BFN, 460BFP, 460BFQ, 460BFR, 460BFS, 460BFT, 460BFU, 460BFV, 460BGG, 460BGH, 460BGJ, 460BGK, 460BGL, 460BGM, 460BGN, 460BGP, 460GJG, 4800ZK, 4800ZN, 4800ZR, 48010B, 480119, 48011A, 48011B, 48011D, 48011E, 48011J, 48011K, 48011N, 48011P, 48011Q, 48011R, 48011S, 48011T, 48011U, 48011V, 48011W, 48011X, 48011Z, 480122, 480123, 480124, 480125, 480126, 480127, 480129, 48012A, 48012B, 48012C, 48012D, 48012E, 48012F, 48012G, 48012H, 48012V, 48012W, 48012X, 48012Z, 480132, 480133, 480134, 480135, 480136, 480137, 480138, 480139, 48013C, 48013D, 48013E, 48013J, 48013K, 48013M, 48013N, 48013V, 480140, 480142, 480143, 48014B, 48014C, 48014D, 48014F, 48014N, 48014P, 48014R, 48014T, 48014U, 48014V, 48014W, 48014X, 48014Y, 48014Z, 480150, 480151, 480155, 480157, 480158, 48015B, 48015H, 48015K, 48015L, 48015P, 48015Q, 48015R, 48015U, 48015V, 48015W, 48015X, 48015Y, 48015Z, 480160, 480162, 480163, 480165, 480166, 480167, 480168, 480169, 48016B, 48016D, 48016F, 48065G, 48065L, 48065S, 48065U, 48065V, 48065X, 48065Z, 480660, 480662, 480663, 480665, 480666, 480667, 480668, 480669, 48066A, 48066C, 48066D, 48066G, 48066H, 48066K, 48066L, 48066X, 48066Y, 48066Z, 480670, 480671, 480672, 480673, 480674, 480675, 480676, 480677, 480678, 480679, 48067A, 48067C, 48067E, 48067F, 48067H, 48067J, 48067L, 48067M, 48067N, 48067P, 48067Q, 48067S, 48067T, 48067X, 48067Y, 48067Z, 480681, 480683, 480684, 480685, 480686, 480687, 480688, 480689, 48068A, 48068B, 48068C, 48068D, 48068F, 48068G, 48068H, 48068J, 48068K, 480696, 480697, 480698, 480699, 48069A, 48069B, 48069C, 48069D, 48069E, 48069G, 48069H, 48069J, 48069K, 48069L, 48069M, 48069N, 48069Q, 48069R, 48069S, 48069U, 48069V, 48069W, 48069X, 48069Y, 48069Z, 4806A0, 4806A1, 4806A2, 4806A3, 4806A4, 4806A5, 4806A6, 4806A8, 4806A9, 4806AA, 4806AB, 4806AC, 4806AD, 4806AE, 4806AF, 4806AG, 4806AJ, 4806AK, 4806AL, 4806AN, 4806AP, 4806AQ, 4806AR, 4806AS, 4806AT, 4806AU, 4806AX, 4806AY, 4806AZ, 4806B0, 4806B1, 4806B2, 4806B3, 4806B4, 4806B5, 4806B6, 4806B8, 4806BC, 4806BD, 4806BE, 4806BF, 4806BG, 4806BH, 4806BJ, 4806BK, 4806BL, 4806BM, 4806BN, 4806BP, 4806BQ, 4806BR, 4806BS, 4806BT, 4806BU, 4806BV, 4806BW, 4806BX, 4806BY, 4806C5, 4806C6, 4806C8, 4806CA, 4806CB, 4806CC, 4806CD, 4806CF, 4806CG, 4806CH, 4806CJ, 4806CK, 4806CL, 4806CM, 4806CN, 4806CP, 4806CQ, 4806CR, 4806CS, 4806CT, 4806CU, 4806CV, 4806CW, 4806CX, 4806CZ, 4806D0, 4806D1, 4806D3, 4806D4, 4806D5, 4806D6, 4806D7, 4806D9, 4806DB, 4806DC, 4806DD, 4806DE, 4806DF, 4806DG, 4806DH, 4806DJ, 4806DK, 4806DL, 4806DM, 4806DN, 4806DP, 4806DQ, 4806DR, 4806DS, 4806DT, 4806DU, 4806DV, 4806DW, 4806DX, 4806DY, 4806DZ, 4806E0, 4806E1, 4806E2, 4806E3, 4806E4, 4806E5, 4806E6, 4806E7, 4806E8, 4806EC, 4806ED, 4806EE, 4806EF, 4806EG, 4806EH, 4806EK, 4806EL, 4806EM, 4806EN, 4806EP, 4806ER, 4806EU, 4806EV, 4806EW, 4806EX, 4806EY, 4806EZ, 4806F0, 4806F1, 4806F2, 4806F3, 4806F4, 4806F5, 4806F7, 4806F9, 4806FB, 4806FC, 4806FD, 4806FE, 4806FF, 4806FG, 4806FH, 4806FJ, 4806FK, 4806FQ, 4806FS, 4806FY, 4806GA, 4806GB, 4806GC, 4806GD, 4806GE, 4806GF, 4806GG, 4806GH, 4806GK, 4806GL, 4806GM, 4806GN, 4806GQ, 4806GR, 4806GT, 4806GW, 4806GZ, 4806H1, 4806H2, 4806H3, 4806H4, 4806H5, 4806H6, 4806H7, 4806H8, 4806H9, 4806HA, 4806HC

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