Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

ONS 15454/15327 Active/Standby TCC/TCC+/XTC Database Temporarily Out of Sync

April 16, 2003

Products Affected



ONS 15454 SDH

All Release 2.x.x below 2.3.4, and all Release 3.x.x below 3.4.1

ONS 15454

Releases 3.4.0 and below, except 2.3.4

ONS 15327

Releases 3.4.0 and below

Problem Description

On rare occasions, database changes may not propagate to the standby TCC/TCC+/XTC module. When the standby database is out of sync with the active database, recent provisioning changes can be lost if the active TCC/TCC+/XTC switches.


The synchronization process where the standby TCC/TCC+/XTC copies the database from the active TCC/TCC+/XTC after a provisioning change can fail. This issue occurs when messaging buffers of a minimum size are temporarily not available during a database synchronization of the TCC/TCC+/XTC and is resolved in release 2.3.4 and 3.4.1 and later.

Problem Symptoms

The loss of synchronization between the active and standby databases will not be evident, unless the databases of the standby and active TCC/TCC+/XTC are inspected. A memory audit tool has been developed to aid in the isolation of such nodes running affected releases. The tool can be downloaded at the location given in the following section.


A memAudit utility is available and recommended to insure synchronization prior to a TCC/TCC+/XTC replacement or software upgrade on processors running the affected loads. The memAudit utility can be found in the Software Center (registered customers only) . The use of this utility is also recommended before initiating any maintenance activity involving switching the TCC/TCC+/XTC.

This issue is resolved in Release 2.3.4, 3.4.1 and later. These releases are available for download from the Software Center (registered customers only) .


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CSCdz18060 (registered customers only)

Standby TCC Database Synchronization Failure

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