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Field Notice: UTIM-avaudio32.dll Misconfigured in Registry - No Voice Ports

Revised August 15, 2002

Products Affected



Cisco Unity and Microsoft WIndows 2000 SP3

Cisco has not yet completed testing of the newly release Windows 2000 SP3

Problem Description

Cisco Unity supports Windows 2000 up to Service Pack 2 only, however customers are installing Service Pack 3. This results in a problem with registring any of the Cisco Unity voice ports. Cisco Unity's TSP installation used wave device 10, but Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 only recognizes wave devices 1-9.


Microsoft has released Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, however Cisco has not yet completed testing Service Pack 3 with Cisco Unity. Cisco is urging customers to delay the application of Service Pack 3 to Unity servers until testing is complete. Cisco's target date for completion is September 2002 with the Cisco Unity 3.1(5) release. Exchange 2000 Service Pack 3 should also be fully tested at that time.

Problem Symptoms

After TSP installation, Unity comes up with no voice ports. If you run the TSP Test from Unity console or PC Anywhere, it will return with an error No Wave Drivers...


Open Regedit and find the key HKLM\SW\MS\Windows NT\Current Version\Drivers32\.

  1. Delete the key Wave 10 (which has AvAudio32.dll as value)

  2. Set the key Wave 1 to be AvAudio32.dll

  3. Reboot the Unity server.


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CSCdy27184 (registered customers only)

UTIM-avaudio32.dll misconfigured in registry - no voice ports, problem is due to Windows 2K SP3 & Unity TSP issues.

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