Cisco 10000 Series Routers

Field Notice: Cisco ESR 10000 show version Command Gives Incorrect Card Count

Revised August 7, 2002

Products Affected

  • Cisco ESR 10008

  • Cisco ESR 10005

Problem Description

The show version command in Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.0(22)S does not give the correct card count of ESR-1COC12 line cards.


A cosmetic issue has been detected in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0(22)S for the ESR 10000. The issue is an incorrect count of channelized OC12 interfaces when a show version command is used. Some incorrect examples are: one interface is displayed when there is no ESR-1COC12 board; two interfaces are displayed when there is only one board; and five interfaces are displayed when there are only two boards.

Problem Symptoms

When doing a show version in Cisco IOS software, an incorrect number of Channelized OC12 inteface(s) is reported. All other information is reported correctly.

This is purely a cosmetic issue and does not affect the operaton of the system in any way or the operation of any channelized OC12 line cards installed.


No workaround is required for this issue. It only exhibits itself in the output of a show version command. All other commands and displays are unaffected and function normally. The correct number of channelized OC12 ports can be identified by using the show diag command.

This issue exists only in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0(22)S. It does not exist in earlier releases and has been corrected in 12.0(22)S1, which is scheduled for release in early September, 2002.


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CSCdy21552 (registered customers only)

The show version command does not show the CHOC12 card count properly.

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