Cisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switches

Field Notice: CSS 11150 and CSS 11050 Units Shipped from Cisco with Incorrect MAC Addresses

Revised November 7, 2002

Products Affected

  • CSS-11051-AC

  • CSS-11051-DC

  • CSS-11151-AC

  • CSS-11152-AC

  • CSS-11153-AC

  • CSS-11154-AC

  • CSS-11155-AC

  • CSS-11151-256M-AC

  • CSS-11152-256M-AC

  • CSS-11152-256M-DC

  • CSS-11153-256M-AC

  • CSS-11154-256M-AC

  • CSS-11155-256M-AC

  • CSS-11155-256M-DC

  • CSS-11151-FD-AC

  • CSS-11152-FD-AC

  • CSS-11153-FD-AC

  • CSS-11154-FD-AC

  • CSS-11155-FD-AC

  • CSS-11155-FD-DC

Problem Description

CSS 11050 and CSS 11150 units that shipped from Cisco between September 27, 2001, and May 30, 2002, have the wrong MAC address. The MAC address is not owned by Cisco or any other vendor. The MAC address on each unit is still unique and will not cause any operational issues.


On June 18, 2002, a defect in a CSS11050 / CSS11150 manufacturing script was identified. It was determined that manufactured units have been programmed and have shipped to the field with MAC addresses that are not owned by Cisco

Problem Symptoms

CSS 11050 and CSS 11150 units may have a MAC address that begins with aa-. The show chassis command will show a base MAC address that begins with vendor codes aa-3b-b2-ce-70-00 to aa-3c-f5-cd-f0-15. The unit will function normally. The MAC address is unqiue to the device, but it does not have the proper vendor code.


To follow the link below and download software, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.

The software has been modified to correct the MAC address issue. A table has been built into the software to reprogram the MAC address to the appropriate value. The software with the MAC address fix was built on top of the 4.01 latest maintenance release and is inlcuded in the 5.00 maintenance release. It is available in 4.01.032x and 5.00.063 available at the Software Center (registered customers only) .

In order to change the base MAC address of your CSS, upgrade to the appropriate fixed version and the modification will be made during the upgrade. A Level 4 log message will be displayed indicating the MAC address has been successfully updated with the value of the new MAC address. On subsequent boots the defective MAC address will not be found in the Chassis Module ID EEPROM and the update will not occur. The MAC address change is permanent, regardless of the software version you upgrade or downgrade to after you have loaded afixed version. Subsequent releases of software will contain the MAC address fix. Interim 5.00 releases have this fix starting with 5.00.060s.

For More Information

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