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Field Notice: Error Messages in corbaEventChannelManager Log after cemf start

June 6, 2002

Products Affected



CEMF 3.1 Patch 5.3, 3.2 Patch 1.6

CEMF 3.1 Patch 5.3 and CEMF 3.2 Patch 1.6.

Problem Description

After installation of CEMF 3.2 Patch 2, the configuration of the Orbix 2000 notification service may not complete properly.

Problem Symptoms

After installation of CEMF 3.1 Patch 5.3 or CEMF 3.2 Patch 1.6, errors may appear in the corbaEventChannelManager.log as follows:

ERROR !! Unable to create proxy for channel :AlarmsChangedEventChannel

Also, a CORBA client will receive invalid/null channel references when trying to connect to the corba event channels.


  1. Issue a cemf stop command.

    <CEMF_ROOT>bin/cemf stop
  2. Remove the corba check files.

    rm -f <CEMF_ROOT>/config/.orbixConfig
    rm -f <CEMF_ROOT>/config/.orbixInfo
  3. From a cemf shell, issue a cemf start command.

<CEMF_ROOT>bin/cemf shell
<CEMF_ROOT>bin/cemf start 


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CSCuk34420 (registered customers only)

Error messages in corbaEventChannelManager log after cemf start

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