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Field Notice: Procedure For Adding New C7IPLNKs after 7.4(11) Patch 69 or 7.4(12) Patch gs011

April 17, 2002

Products Affected




Running Release 7.4(11) or 7.4(12)


Running Release 7.4(11) or 7.4(12)

Problem Description

There are special requirements for adding C7IPLNKs after 7.4(11) Patch 69 or 7.4(12) Patch gs011 have been applied to the system.

DDTS CSCdv65532 in 7.4(11) Patch 69 has added the following restriction to the provisioning rules for adding new C7IPLNKs:

  • All links assigned to the same SS7 IOCC must have the same port number.

Configurations that had provisioned links prior to Patch 69 may have SS7 IOCCs that have multiple ports configured. These configurations will continue to work properly after Patch 69, however special care must be taken to ensure that any new links to be provisioned will not conflict with the existing links.

Problem Symptoms

C7IPLNKs go OOS, CONF after provisioning.


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Checking the original configuration:

  1. Download the tarfile which includes the Config Verification Tool and README file from the Software Center for version 7.4(11) or 7.4(12). The filename is config-ver.7411.tar or config-ver.7412.tar.

  2. Untar the downloaded file using tar -xvf Unix command.

  3. Refer to the README file and execute the tool.

  4. If the SS7 IOCCs are each using only one port, no further steps need to be taken. STOP HERE.

  5. If your configuration has any SS7 IOCC using more than one port, you must use a different port number when creating new C7IPLNKs. The configuration tool will output the port numbers currently in use.

The above instructions are only temporary and should be used until the patch resolving CSCdx29691 is released - anticipated patch numbers are as follows:

  • 7.4(11) - Patch 77

  • 7.4(12) - Patch gs016

Once these are available, you should upgrade your system to include the patch.

This is not an issue in the 9.1 or 9.2 releases of the SC2200, VSC3000 or PGW 2200.


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Provisioning should support old configs with >1 port per SS7-IOCC.

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