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Field Notice: CiscoWorks Voice Manager 2.1 / Telemate

March 4, 2002

Products Affected



CiscoWorks Voice Manager (CVM) 2.1

Telemate 5.0 (builds 100 through 116) bundled with CVM 2.1 shipped before February 25, 2002.

Problem Description

Telemate release 5.0 presents incorrect data when reporting CVM information.

Note:?No CVM data is actually lost.


Between releases 5.7 and 5.0 of Telemate, CVM data call reporting was changed from router-centric to call-centric. As a result of this change, some VoIP calls were not being being reported because they were left in the database in router-centric mode.

Problem Symptoms

  • Outgoing VoIP calls that touch only one CVM managed router are not reported.

  • Reports focused on outgoing calls show less data than expected.

  • Packet loss reports produce an incorrect percentage.

  • The Telemate 5.0 Scheduler Service loses connection handling when its SQL connection is down for an extended period of time.


A patch has been made available by Telemate to resolve these issues. You can download this patch from


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CSCdw77860 (registered customers only)

Telemate 5.0: Does not recognize call direction and percentage

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