Cisco WebAttendant

Field Notice: WebAttendant Call Forward No Answer Is Misdirected

February 18, 2002

Products Affected

  • Cisco CallManager 3.1(3a)

Problem Description

The Cisco CallManager 3.1(3a) default configuration has changed the previous behavior of the WebAttendant hunt group call forward no answer (CFNA) feature.

The calling party is now directed to the member's voicemail instead of the generic voicemail for the WebAttendant group.


CallManager 3.1(3a) introduced a new call forwarding scheme and modified default settings.

New service parameters were added to the TelephonyCallDispatcher service and a new call forward reason code was added that is only supported in the latest versions of the Cisco Unity TSP.

Problem Symptoms

After the CFNA timer is exceeded, incoming calls to a WebAttendant pilot point will be redirected to the member's voice mailbox instead of the group mailbox.


In Cisco CallManager 3.1(3a), the TelephonyCallDispatcher service parameters must be set.

ResetOriginalCalled = False 
KeepOriginalCalledPartyIfForwarded = True

The new default for both of these parameters is "True."

Cisco Unity TSP must be upgraded to version 3.0.4 for Cisco Unity version 3.0, or version 3.1.2 for Cisco Unity version 3.1 to support the new call forward reason code.

To follow the link below for software upgrades, you must be a registered user, and you must be logged in.

Upgrades can be found on the Cisco Unity-CM TSP Software Download page.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.




WA huntgroup member CFNA does not get Unity mailbox for pilot point

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