Cisco BPX/IGX/IPX WAN Software

Software Fallback after Upgrade May Cause Deletion of Connections

March 27, 2003

Products Affected



BPX 8600

With 9.2.32 or earlier

IGX 8400

With 9.2.32 or earlier

Problem Description

Connections may auto-delete if a user falls back to 9.2 during an upgrade from any 9.2 release to 9.3.


During the course of an upgrade, a reason may arise that requires a fallback to the lower release.

Problem Symptoms

Symptoms include:

  • Network users may lose connectivity to remote resources

  • Voice calls may terminate.

  • The software error log may show 612 or 614 errors. Use dspswlog to check the software log.

Active CC's Software Log
 No.  Type    Number      Data(Hex)  PC(Hex)    PROC   SwRev   Date     Time
  1.  Error   614         0000FFF1   30443FEC   ROOT   9.2.30  02/02/00 18:14:41
  2.  Error   612         176D2B27   304441D4   ROOT   9.2.30  02/02/00 18:14:41


The workaround is to turn off hitless rebuild before upgrading software. Use the command cnfnodeparm and set Enable Degraded Mode option to N. The solution is to upgrade software to release 9.2.33 before attempting an upgrade to 9.3 releases.


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swerr 614 AUTO_DEL_LCON and 612 AUTO_DEL_VC upon fallback from 9.3.0L


swerr 614 & 612 after downgrading from 9.3.3b to 9.2.32

For More Information

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