Cisco Aironet 340 Series

Field Notice: Cisco Aironet Access Points: Lost Installation Key

Updated November 26, 2002

October 23, 2001

Products Affected

  • AIR-AP340E2C

  • AIR-AP340E2R

  • AIR-AP341E2C

  • AIR-AP341E2R

  • AIR-AP342E2C

  • AIR-AP342E2R

  • AIR-AP351E2C

  • AIR-AP351E2R

  • AIR-AP352E2C

  • AIR-AP352E2R

Problem Description

The installation key of the access point has been inadvertently deleted either during a firmware upgrade or during the password recovery procedure.


Without this key, the access point will not contain information on encryption or country-specific radio settings. As a result, the unit will not function correctly.

Problem Symptoms

The following error message will appear: Too many stations in BSS.

Only one client can associate at a time. The Cisco Aironet logo disappears and only the Aironet logo appears in the web browser. Full encryption (128-bit) cannot be enabled. The antenna diversity is not displayed correctly.


Whenever an access point's installation key is deleted, you must Return Materials Authorizations (RMA) the unit. To eliminate the chance of deleting the installation key during password recovery, run access point firmware version 11.07 or later, and use the improved password recovery procedure, which is documented here: Resetting to the Default Configuration

Access point firmware is available here: (registered customers only)

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods: