Cisco ONS 15200 Series DWDM Systems

Field Notice 15169: Unprotected NAM 0/100 Has Incorrect B Label on Optical Fiber to CLIP Card

September 11, 2001

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NAM, Unprotecting, 0/100, 15252 Multi-Channel Unit

Problem Description

The Unprotected Network Adaptor Module (NAM) 0/100 has a 'B' label on the side connecting to the Client Layer Interface Port (CLIP) board.

As an unprotected CLIP board only has a receiver on the the A-side of the CLIP, connecting the NAM 0/100 'B' fiber to the CLIP 'B' side results in no traffic.

The unprotected CLIP 'B' input does not have a receiver.


An Engineering Change Order (ECO) (C049898) was issued to correct this problem. The resolution was that the current NAM 0/100 label 'B' was replaced by 'A'.

Note: The current documentation correctly states how to connect the NAM 0/100 fiber to the CLIP. See Section 3.5 ONS15252 MCU Module installation (Non-ATO) > Procedure: Install the Network Adaptation Module.

For an unprotected channel, connect the optical-fiber jumper cable labeled A to the A-side MU adapter on the associated CLIP module.

Problem Symptoms

If the NAM 0/100 'B' fiber is connected to the CLIP 'B' side there is no traffic.

This situation should only occur when:

  • a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) is replaced in the ONS15252 chassis.

  • a system is non-ATO and assembled by the customer.


In order to resolve the issue, the NAM 0/100 'B' labelled side should always be connected to the unprotected CLIP 'A' side.

Engineering Change Order (ECO)




ONS15200 - NAM 0/100, changing label from B to A on optical fiber.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

All affected NAM 0/100 can be identified, since they carry the 'B' label on the side to connect to the CLIP card (instead of the 'A' label).

For More Information

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