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Field Notice: Token Ring Inter-Switch Linking (TR-ISL) Issue on the PA-2FE-TX/FX Port Adapter

Updated August 28, 2001

August 24, 2001

Products Affected




2-Port Fast Ethernet 100Base TX Port Adapter (copper)


2-Port Fast Ethernet 100Base FX Port adapter (fiber)

Problem Description

Although TR-ISL is not available on a PA-2FE-TX/FX, the port adapter accepts the tr-isl encapsulation command. As this feature is not available on this PA, configuration of it should not be allowed.


No TR-ISL available on Port Adapters (PAs) with i82543 (Livengood) chipset.

A show controller command for following cards shows the chipset used:

'Hardware is AMD Laguna'
!--- TR-ISL fully supported on this one.

'Hardware is DEC21140A'
!--- TR-ISL supported with limit of 1500 bytes maximum transmission unit (MTU).

'Hardware is i82543 (Livengood)'
!--- TR-ISL not available. 

Problem Symptoms

After configuring TR-ISL on the PA-2FE-TX/FX, no TR-ISL traffic is seen leaving this interface.


Workaround is:

  • Use the PA-FE-TX/FX adapter

  • Use the old PA-2FEISL-TX/FX adapter (This option is not advisable; see the note below:)

    Note:?The use of the old PA-2FEISL-TX/FX adapter is not recommend because of the following:

    • Use of the PA-FE-TX/FX adapter for TR-ISL limits the MTU to 1500 bytes. For more information on this subject refer to the Token Ring Inter-Switch Link document.

    • The PA-2FEISL-TX/FX adapter is at End-Of-Life For more information on this subject refer to the Product Bulletin, No. 1225 document


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CSCdv16253 (registered customers only)

Need to remove TRISL configuration commands from PA-2FE-TX/FX

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